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Netflix: First Match Review

I am a girl with Daddy issues, well, let me take that back, I used to be. I lived to make him proud and it killed me whenever he was mad at me, but I had a mother who more than made up for his absence, whenever and however long that was.

This movie could of been me, and many other girls I knew with Daddy Issues. That shit is so deep it should be in the DSM-V. I found this movie by mistake, but was immediately drawn in. It started off way different than what the movie was really about. The Netflix description is:

“A tenacious high school girl raised in foster homes in the inner city tries to reconnect with her ex-con father by joining a boys wrestling team.” – NETFLIX

Here is this girl, Mo, in foster care, who gets kicked her clothes thrown out the window by her foster mother because she slept with her boyfriend. Never mind that this is a child and your trifling ass boyfriend had sex with her – but as I said, the beginning in no way set the tone of the movie, it just hooked you.

Good job Olivia Newman (director) – that worked.

She believes when her father gets out of jail, that he is coming to get her out of foster care. She finds out the hard way one night, that her father was already out and had been for quite some time. He was working at a laundromat up the street from where she was. He never came looking for her.

Screenshot 2018-04-01 06.18.25Screenshot 2018-04-01 06.17.38So then comes the thing that any child would do, she started begging for his attention. Doing and saying anything to make him spend time with her. His attention was grabbed when she said she was on the boys wrestling team. It was something they connected with  when she was younger. So he was excited! In the beginning, even though she was sneaking to see him, he was making it to every match and kicking it with her afterwards giving her pointers.

Screenshot 2018-04-01 06.18.44But of course, as all parents addicted to the money, the hustle and the street life does, he finds a way to use his daughter to get money. I won’t spoil the rest for you but know she gets hurt and he runs. He runs and leaves her to fend for herself because he was more concerned with his own freedom.


This movie hit home because I just posted on Facebook about how my daughters are suffering because their fathers won’t show up for them. I believe that a child deserves both parents, whether or not you have money, being there and showing up for them is what counts. She was just as I was as a little girl, waiting and watching the door waiting for him to show up.Screenshot 2018-04-01 06.16.55

Drugs, jail, greed takes away and destroys families. I do believe this but I also know we all have choices. In the end, she has a choice she had to make. She had to choose the right path or fall back in with her father who time after time abandons and disappoints her.

This movie was good to me because it hits home. Someone that doesn’t have an on and off again relationship with their father may not understand. The film left a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions, but I got the point. I would love someone else views, someone who didn’t go through this. What their opinion would be?


Chloe X Halle

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

So I have to admit I have been following these amazing young ladies since they were teenagers on Facebook and YouTube videos making covers of Beyonce songs. I’m serious, I am a HUGE fan. These girls worked their butts off and impressed Beyonce herself, and became the first act Bey signed to her label. She taught them to take creative control of their own album. I loved how they Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.47.29worked and made it slowly but they are hitting the prime now while Halle is in her senior year and coming into adulthood, just turning 18 on Tuesday March 27th. (Chloe will be 20 on July 1st.)

Taking creative control they did, many people doubted them because here are these small young girls, how could they come up with any music that would make a difference, and they proved the naysayers wrong. They are apart of the generation who is standing up for their creativity and their own voice. Their debut album ‘The Kids Are Alright’ that came out with a mini show to showcase their Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.48.19music. The two wrote all the songs on the album including the theme song Grown from ‘Grownish’ and Warrior from ‘Wrinkle in Time’, while Chloe produced almost the whole album. They credit their take charge motivation to their parents who have taught them that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.45.49While they have played parts as children on different television shows and movies, nothing major, they have made their true acting debut in FreeForms “Grownish” with Yara Shahidi playing her character, , friends Jazzlin (Chloe) and Skyler (Halle) the track star twins. They got the part, because they are actually friends with Yara and while onstage accepting for Beyonce at the BET Awards, the producer Kenya Barris thought how they would be perfect to be on the show.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.46.58These young sisters with the show and new album out, they are proof that the younger generation still multitasks and that the younger generation is all about standing up and following their dreams. They take their experience and what happens and create magic. They have no problem saying a song might have sucked when they tried it the first time around. They write songs that are true to them, their hearts and their songs are like their diaries.

Haven’t heard of them? Then you need to definitely go check them out! They are my Thursday review, but can I count them as my Feminist Friday as well? These girls are dope and I know going to even higher places. I cannot wait to see where they go next or what they do next because their album is awesome.

Whats your favs from the album? Mine are Warrior (of course), Fall, and Drop, but this is definitely an album you can listen to from the beginning to end.

A Wrinkle in Time..

I was going to go into this big rant about people who are still under the WakScreenshot 2018-03-20 16.08.02anda flames talking down on this beautiful movie, but it wouldn’t give the glory and magnificent review that this movie deserves. First the cover and poster gives off the magic that you feel when you are in a movie theatre with the surround sounds. The feeling of joy, just joy and power! Hindsight it shows you all of what the movie was about, and all the people who it surrounded – and the true hero!

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.25.01A Wrinkle in Time was a beautiful adaptation of a childrens book where a little girl, Meg, who is a genius, with a brother, Charles Wallace, who is adopted and also a genius of a different type. Both different from others, were being bullied and treated unfairly during the 4th year anniversary of their fathers disappearance. See their father, also a genius, was a scientist and knew he was smarter than most. He didn’t have time to wait for the rest of the world to catch up, he wanted to prove the world that he and his brilliant wife was right about alternative worlds.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.13.06While doing this, he becomes lost. Lost in another dimension. Lost during a wrinkle of time. Charles Wallace called on the helpers of the universe, Ms Whatsit, Mrs Who and Mrs Which. This is where the story gets so interesting, see Meg is not as trusting as her younger brother, Charles Wallace and doesn’t trust these people. She has no idea where they come from and they speak in rhymes and quotes, and never fully answer your question. Besides they want her to tesser to different realms, because they say they know where her father is.This movie was beautiful and created another young black female hero that my daughters look up to and admire. It showed them that we as females don’t need anyone’s permission, not even their fathers, to be great!

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.25.35This movie talked about self doubt, accepting your flaws and loving who you are. It talks about standing up to the people who act ugly and accepting that might not be who they truly are. This movie has messages that every kid, especially every little girl, should see. I took my daughters to see this in theaters and this was my six year old first time at the movie theater and she cried, laughed and felt every emotion that the film was trying to convey.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.24.37.png

Ava DuVernay (last weeks feminist friday) did an amazing adaptation of this book that my daughters cannot wait to watch it again and again as a purchased copy. Oprah, Reese, Mindy and Chris Pine did amazing as always but the stars of the show was Storm Reid and Deric McCabe. Gugu Mbatha-Raw once again was an amazing supporting cast member. And the music that is on the soundtrack – Sade came out of hiding and provided a beautiful song called Flower of the Universe, which incorporates the film. Chloe x Halle also provided a strong song called Warrior, as well as Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled with I Believe. The scoring was a perfect match to a beautiful film. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go see it again and again. Its well worth it.

Good job Ava, I cannot wait to see what you bring to the big screen next – there is already rumors, have you heard them?

7 Seconds – No Justice

A 15-year old black boy in Jersey City killed in a hit and run by a cop. As much as this show is fictional, its reality. This show tells the story of the hashtags in court, how the victim is put on trail, how the politics of the person prosecuting the corrupt cops and how they will stand for each other in the end.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 01.21.52

This show displays how many families are left without answers and justice for their families members murdered in cold blood. I believed the tears of Regina King, because as a black mother, there is nothing worse you can imagine. Burying a child is hard enough, without the people who should be finding the murders covering it all up.

Then to add insult to injury when you hear the word guilty, the justice system slaps them on the wrist with a penalty that a drug charge would see more time. Less than a year later, that same cop is back on the streets, more than likely with the same job, and the ones who covered for him never leaving the block. Realizing even more that they are invincible, because they are the law, and the law cannot be held against them.

I felt every person who sat as the judge left, you have no honor, you are one of them. He mights as well left Brandon Butlers body himself. He might as well been behind the wheel of the blue SUV that left his body for 12 hours in the cold.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 01.22.20A television show to most, but the reality and fears of black parents every where. Its not about race, it wasn’t a hate crime, but we all know it was. They named him a gang member as he laid there dying. I bet had they reported it, he would’ve lived. I bet if he reported it, there wouldn’t have been any charges, but all he cared about was himself and the son that he will never see again.

This show was good, but it pissed me off at the same time. Because to me it added another hashtag to a sea of names left. An unanswered question for that mother, a young black boys life destroyed while the life of another child, a newborn scarred. Netflix, damn you… Damn you for making me bring that anger up, that fight up that we are far from done from our fight, its just on pause, but for how long?

Things need to be fixed while things are quiet, lets save the next kids life. The next black man, woman or child from having their lives interrupted because the color of their skin is a threat to someone who should have more restraint.

Delayed Gratification… hmm…


Screenshot 2018-02-24 21.34.49

So I have found a lot of new talent and new people breaking into the industry on Amazon Prime Video. Today I found a web series that Amazon UK picked up called Delayed Gratification written and directed by Todd Inman. The tagline is “2 Women. 2 Stories. 1 HBCU. 1 City.” with the genre being Drama.

“Two professional young women living in downtown Philadelphia travel the path of self-growth as they encounter challenges by men, family, work and personal issues like addiction” -IMDB

Screenshot 2018-02-24 21.37.47I have to say I had mixed feelings about the show, but then when looking deeper realized that this started as a YouTube series.  This show has two best friends, and the issues touched in this show are very important especially to the black community, this director went to a lot of dope spots in Philly and gave them recognition including the Black Panther comic strip at a black comic store and a book on hip hop lyrics in a black bookstore called Black Nobel. I definitely think thats dope to send out love to both.

I will say the first episode that was supposed to introduce you to the characters was a little choppy along with the story line for the season. I stilled don’t know what the title has to do with the show. Its starts off with Homecoming at a local HBCU coming up and both need to get their hair done by their beautician and friend. I couldn’t tell if it was the script or the actresses that made each scene just a little awkward, but it got better over the two seasons.

Screenshot 2018-02-24 22.03.18I did learn that Milan, played by Dominique Janelle, was a shopaholic, alcoholic who was financially unstable and working at a dead end job as a tour guide. She has a budget issue, because her card is always getting declined but yet she always has the new stuff. She ends up later dating this guy Reggie and has run into difficult situations twice. Once she almost began stripping on the side, and the other she was doing drug drops for random guys in a support group. Milan’s character was not set and she did a lot of things that didn’t seem realistic for what her personality type was. I haven’t seen enough of her acting to speak on it, but in this series, you couldn’t tell if it was the script or her.

Screenshot 2018-02-24 22.03.11Zara, played by Naya Somanya, was a spoilt brat, who her parents were paying for her to get a good education. She has a sister who is estranged from the family and parents who treat her like a child. She was “dating” a guy who wasn’t exclusive to her, which her parents told was not good enough for her in his face. She also was introduced to many educated brothers but downed them for reading books. Her character was unreal because as an educated black sista who goes to an HBCU and was upset her ex was married to a white girl, would know where the black bookstores and black businesses are in Philly. She is on her Masters degree and would appreciate a brotha who introduced her to something different if she didn’t.

The episodes were 6 mins long, so it didn’t give the change to have smoother transitions and good shots, and according to IMDB the budget was only $10,000. I think with that budget though, there is still a little work that could’ve been done because the angles and the saturation of the scenes could have been better, but once again for a YouTube series starting off, it has time to improve. The characters backstories could be done and I think that way in the future, it will make it guarantee that the characters are always doing something that could be done.

There were some scenes I think that could’ve been a little more realistic as well, like the beautician having a mental breakdown, and the fact that they went to visit her – unrealistic. She either needs to be a third friend in the show, or that could’ve been done a little better. Also, when Milan almost took a drink as an alcoholic could’ve been a little more emotional. It was done too quick and with no breakdown or tears.

The story had a lot of unanswered hangers, and a lot of scenes that straight up didn’t make sense, but it had a lot of culture and showed the beauty of Philly. I think it was a good base but definitely could be flushed out a lot more. Perhaps since Amazon has picked it up, make Season 3 with full episodes and better transitions. I haven’t checked out any more of Tinman Creative Productions projects, but I can definitely say this is a company to watch… Screenshot 2018-02-24 21.35.31

Love scares the shit outta you, but so does death.

Irreplaceable You… A Netflix Film

I just watched the most emotional movie of my life and tears don’t show my sorrow enough. My biggest fear in life is finding the person, my person, that I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with and then, they die. As sad as that is, it always keeps me from giving my heart fully to anyone.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 20.25.28Irreplaceable You, is about a woman who thought she was pregnant and found instead that she had stage four cancer. She was engaged to the man she fell in love with as a child. A man who had never been with anyone else but her and she was afraid to leave him alone.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 20.26.13Group after group, app after app Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) began searching for her replacement, but Sam (Michiel Huisman), her lover, didn’t want to replace her at all. This movie was emotional, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. I want love, but in order to have it, I have to give up my fear of losing it. This movie showed the simple things that will last a lifetime and how letting fear makes you miss the best parts of life and love.

Not only does this movie make you experience true love, but the fears of someone young dying and doing everything they can to not die, all while trying to prepare the one they love. I cried, I experienced a true cleansing cry from this and it made me truly ready for my person and open to be truly loved without fear.

This movie was amazing, beautiful and so worth it. The angles, the scenes, the scoring, this movie gave off every emotion that was supposed to be given off. When you watch, keep watching after the credits, the best part of love is then. Good job Netflix, Stephanie Laing and Bess Wohl. You achieved exactly what you set out to do.

Review Time!

Dear Amber – No spoilers

Screenshot 2018-02-10 21.28.24So I was scrolling for something to watch on my Amazon Prime account when I came across this film “Dear Amber” directed and written by Tiara West, first of all the movie was a short film, I didn’t realize it because I was so far into it. I swore I watched a movie longer than 20 minutes, which is not a bad thing. For this to be a short film, it was complete, it had a solid beginning, middle and end, which to me is rare. Most short films have you confused about some part of the story.

So Amazon totally could have described this movie better, it says:

Amber, a high school teen, finds herself in an abusive relationship with her high school crush, Rodney. While her best friend James secretly falls in love with her, he later finds himself writing a letter about his feelings for her.

Umm… I guess, I mean its accurate but this movie deserves a way better intro. This movie reminds me of my best friend in high school who went through a similar relationship and as a friend there was nothing you can do but talk to her and let her know its not ok. I can say that Amber, was smarter than her, she didn’t stand for it, but Rodney was worse than her boyfriend.

The issue with domestic violence, besides the obvious, is that most who do it bait you for awhile. They treat you better than anyone else and make you forget about others who love you. Then something simple will set them off, whether its someone else they find to be a threat, a broken glass, hell a simple smile, the temper flares and before you know it, there hands are on you. This short film expressed and made you feel all of it.

I will say that I looked Tiara up afterwards and found on IMDB she did a few acting jobs, then I found a GoFund me page for money for this film. She didn’t make her goal, matter fact she only got $15 out of the $2050 she was looking for, but what amazed me, is she still did it. After seeing this I felt like I had made it with her. Now some of the angles in the film are a bit off and some of the lighting could’ve been clearer, but for what it looks like she had, this was a bit of Black Girl Magic all the way.

Raising Someones husbandI notice that in a family where there is a son, mothers coddle them. We always teach our daughters how to avoid red flags and protect themselves from creeps, but why don’t we teach our sons to be men? To be someones husband, boyfriend, friend. To teach them to be respectful, not possessive and abusive. Also not to take abuse either and to stand up to it.

In this movie and real life abusive relationships, the first thing that the abuser always does is separate their spouse from their friends and family. They mentally abuse them as well as physically abusing them, which many times takes away their will to fight or that there is any way they could survive without the abuser. Thats not true!

I definitely recommend this movie! It was very good, I can’t wait to see more movies made from her! Awesome job Tiara!!! The cast was awesome as well, lets not leave them out. The cast brought the movie to life and made it a beautiful film.

If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship you can go online at http://www.thehotline.org or call 1−800−799−7233. There are people who are trained to help you escape and become safe. Do not stay, it will not get better! Ever!

Its Review Day!!!!


So I have to be honest that I wasn’t really ready for a review today, I didn’t think I had any content to give you all, BUT I was WRONG!!!

Can you believe it? I was wrong, and I’m owning up to it. SO I have done reviews on tv shows, movies, books, and apps. Today I am reviewing several things at once.

First: A product

Rosewater!!!! OMG!!!! SO I have heard so much about Rosewater and the beautiful Screenshot 2018-01-18 13.56.15things that it does, and I was always ignoring it, until my besties (sisters), told me about using rosewater to hydrate my hair. I was like a woman on her cycle searching for chocolate in the aisles of Whole Foods. I was told there was a liter bottle there, but of course not in my area. I settled for a 3.4 ounce bottle for $1,000 (not really but thats how it felt). So the brand I purchased was Alteya Organics 100% Bulgarian Rose Water. I sprayed a bit on my face and felt like the ugly spots melted off. It was legit, refreshing.

So on my hair, I poured half the bottle in a spray bottle, added some dollar store pure Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Oil. My daughter sprayed in in my hair and it was like the detangles ran from the concoction!!! My hair is legit bouncy with its curls. It feels light. I want to just go for a run, but uh…. the ice said no!

Second: A TV Show

Grown-ish!!! If you’re not watching Grown-ish, the spin off of Blackish, then what are you doing? Grownish follows the oldest daughter Zoey to college. You know like A Different World was off The Cosby Show! To me, its better. It immediately shows the mess ups you can do in the beginning and tells you how to make it through. It shows all types of people starting over at a night class that she’s in, and it shows how different people come together. Its not like high school, which I love.

Screenshot 2018-01-18 13.55.31I also love how it has a variety cultures in its casts. This show is legit and I am so proud of Yara Shahidi for putting out the real things that college kids deal with, from drugs, peer pressure, the internet bullying, and an ego. All things that college kids in this era deal with.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, run to Hulu.com and get caught up, and catch new episodes on Freeform Wednesday!



Third… I have no third. But check me out next week. I have a book that will be number one of 100 for the year, that I am sooo excited about reading! Love You All!!!!!

More Than A Review… This is Real Life!!

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message


So its Thursday night (last week), and I have a broke down car and I decided to Netflix and chill by myself. So I usually watch a couple of shows, but I decided to try a movie I hadn’t seen before. Why did I pick this movie?

Screenshot 2017-08-08 20.13.35

I tell you why, because Jessica Sula’s cute face made me think this was going to be interesting. I loved her on Recovery Road, so I was interested to see something else with her in it. Interesting is not what I got. Instead I am left with my mind spinning on where I can begin to stop this from happening.

In case you all have never seen the movie, it came out in 2014 in the United Kingdom, its about a black teen named Layla who recently moved to London from Trinidad. Her mother left her with her grandparents, who were very touchy, to say the least. This girl comes to a mother, who you can tell knows nothing about being a mother. She doesn’t get her in school in time so she is shuffled to this school with metal detectors and babysitters in place of teachers.

She was destined to be with “gangstas”…  it was almost as if her mother left her to handle life on her own. She was able to be free and go where she pleased. She ran into Troy when a few fake friends used her to get into a video shoot. She was pretty, and they were a bit ghetto. You could tell she was pure, which led Troy straight to her. Her “relationship” with him and her so-called friends went down hill from that. She was jumped, abused and eventually left in the hospital after throwing herself in front of traffic.

Screenshot 2017-08-08 20.16.23

This movie was written because of true events, and even if that wasn’t written out, there are many situations like this everywhere. Young girls are having babies and have no idea what to tell their teenage children or teach them the right way. Many parents (and not just single ones) are so busy living their lives that they don’t think about what their children are going through.

It took a murder and police knocking at her door for Layla’ mother to realize this. Why? Why do we not see the signs of distress in our children? Children are committing murder, getting raped, stealing and being sent away because we aren’t watching. We aren’t paying attention. Social media makes it hard on parents, is one of the lamest excuses I have ever heard.

See social media and cellphones only become a problem when you let you children believe they have privacy. See me, I am all in my kids business. I know passwords and I will snatch a phone at the drop of a dime to go through it. We have to stay active parents, yes I know we all need a break here and there, but teenage years are the worst times to take breaks.

I have two teenage daughters and a preteen all under the same roof with a 1st grader. We make it work. They have their lives, but I am very BIG part of it. I know their friends and their friends know me. I am deemed as the cool parent, only because of my relationship with my girls.

See I am honest with my girls, I tell them the stuff that most parents sugar coat. I figure, why sugar coat? Being an adult isn’t sugar coated and its my responsibility to make them ready for the real world.

To get back to Honeytrap, this movies saddens me, because since its a black movie, half of America won’t watch, but the reality is, this happens everyday to girls of all race. Any young girl that is not confident in who she is has these predator boys lurking and plotting their move. We have to protect our daughters, AND we need to teach our sons and nephews how to treat and respect women.

If you feel you have a child going through any of this and you do not know what to do, there are resources and steps to take. Adolescents centers are not just for mental health issues, they are also for behavioral issues. And behavioral issues are anything that can lead to the destruction of themselves. Call your local hospital or outpatient therapy clinic for children. Depending on the assessment they can either go inpatient or outpatient. Stand up for your children, because if we don’t, how will they know how to for themselves.

Jay Z, Jay Z, Jay Z… Boy You Still Got It!

Review Time!!!!  Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

So after debating in my head since the debut of 4:44 whether I was going to redo my membership for Tidal, Facebook made me aware that Jay had snuck his new album to iTunes this morning. Best part was, my Apple Music Membership covered it! 

Let me tell you, I have been a Jay-Z fan since I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Screenshot 2017-07-07 20.33.16in 2001 and even before. So my review is probably biased. Not really, cause if Jay would’ve come out with something whack I would’ve called him out.

But this man doesn’t know what whack is, unless you are him describing how he almost pulled a Eric Benet and lost his woman. Now that was indeed whack.

See most people only hear that he admits to all the things that Lemonade was talking about, but they missed the greatness of his album just as they missed the best parts of Beyonce’s albums.

He starts with Kill JayZ spitting on how theres no healing what you hide. He spoke on every rumor and every bad thing he ever did, how he couldn’t take it if he wound up like Future watching another man play ball with his son.

But that wasn’t the best part of the album and if thats all you heard, then you need to listen until you hear the rest. JayZ spoke up on how it doesn’t matter how rich you are, what complexion you are that we are still niggas in their eyes. He talked about how OJ said he wasn’t black he was OJ and how quick they brought him back to reality.

How our so called leaders are dealing with crap like Bill Cosby being held on charges instead of them saying NBC wasn’t for sale. Look at Al Sharpton on IG taking selfies in the mirror, what is he fighting? He’s given up. (Of course you have to look up what Al Sharpton had to say in return.. all I can do is roll my eyes. He always has so much to say but still saying nothing, but thats a different story.)

Screenshot 2017-07-07 20.34.33

My jam is Family Feud, because in this song he speaks about how nobody wins if the family is feuding. He’s not speaking about his family, he’s speaking on our Black family and how we are at each others throats, drinking alcohol that we know is not ours.

He also spoke on how all these “new” rappers/niggas is starting to sound alike, taking pics on IG with money and guns that don’t belong to them. Hanging with chicks who look the same or are the same. How now we in the game of telling on ourselves and it really don’t be about nothing.

He talked about having credit is better than balling out, how you need to put money away for your family and invest in black owned businesses and stop working for everyone else. Like honestly, why are yal still signing record deals like you haven’t seen what they do to people. Stop making other peoples pockets fatter while all along you hungry.

He also spoke on deeper issues about him growing up with a mother who was living a life where she was hiding who she was. How you should your life to make you happy, no matter who doesn’t like it. He even called out the jewelers on how they are robbing people and don’t care even if its blood money, long as its money.

He wrapped it up with a song called Legacy and a shot out to his roots Marcy Me.

JayZ is back yal! He’s a grown man and is ready to face his responsibilities like a man and make his woman happy. He sees his flaws and his imperfections and hopefully will learn from them. Because as he said no loss is a loss its a lesson and appreciate the pain because its a blessing.

Lets hope this album will be the turning point that will allow him to keep that superhero mask on for his babies. Good Job Jay!!! This is now on my favs list. Whats your favorite JayZ album?