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Dammit Taraji!

A review unlike the rest… for one unlike anyone else.

There is nothing I love more that reading a new book or old, doesn’t matter, except listening to an Audible in the authors voice. I’m not one for the actors or voiceovers of others, because sometimes hearing the words as they were meant to be heard – it stirs something. It makes you feel what the author felt while reading it, and while thinking it before putting in paper.

Screenshot 2018-02-21 20.46.37My recent Audible credit went to Taraji P Hensons book, read by her, called “Around The Way Girl: A Memoir”. I know everyone knows Taraji as Cookie Lyons on Empire, or as Katherine on Hidden Figures as I also did, but now I know her from her soul. As she read the words she wrote about her life as a single mother coming to Hollywood via DC at an age where everyone said she wouldn’t make it, it hit home. It spoke volumes because here I am, a 35 year old single mother of 4 girls, starting over and trying to start right.

Screenshot 2018-02-21 20.52.16Taraji talks about being typecast because of her infamous role of Yvette in Baby Boy, which, I have to say was still an amazing movie. She played the hell out of that role – no one can deny that, but to hear the frustrations of trying to break away from the role that made her name a household name, at least I thought so. From the first time I saw that movie, I knew she was a star, and I knew that where she is today, would happen. But as a fan, I didn’t know that she was fighting hard to become this person now.

This book, breaks down Taraji, as a bad ass black queen who never accepted no, or she can’t as an option. She broke down doors and borders that was suppose to stop her. As she has said, if she listened to them, where would she be now? Definitely not a Golden Globe winner and an Academy Award nominee. She wouldn’t be gracing our television and memes as the woman who is proud and uplifter of other women, especially WOC in films.

There are so many stories of cattiness and pettiness that everyone seems to think is the way to be, but Taraji, is anything but. She believes in lifting her sisters, her friends, her peers in their achievements and accomplishments. Taraji was meme’d as #Squadgoals because she is the true definition of a friend. She made me realize, that many of us from the DC area are. We are brought up on Go-Go and uplifting others and being a friend to many but not naive to a thing. She reminded me of my roots, and how I have in me the same determination to make it.

So I say Dammit Taraji, only to say, that while listening to this book, I laughed, cried and rejoiced with you every step of the way. I can only hope to be the type of friend, sister and woman that you are. Taraji is not afraid to be loud, to laugh, to be silly and definitely not afraid to stand out. Keep making moves, the world was waiting and always ready for you. I can’t wait to see what Taraji does next!!! Buy this book here it’s a definite must read!!!!

Your Truth – Live In It – Cookie Does

Don’t be what they want you to be…

I am so behind on so many shows that Hulu has become my best friend. So as I am binge watching Empire, I see something that brings attention to something. I am always speaking on being you and living in your truth yet I am scared to truly be me.

There is one thing about Cookie Lyons character that I love, she is true to herself, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. She knows her stuff and she is not ashamed to tell someone when their shit is stank.

For example I was watching the episode where Cookie was on a date with the guy that was running for major. Her assistant told her the place was like a nightclub, but it was indeed an opera house. Cookie was killing it though in a short red dress, despite all the side eyes from the other women in full gowns.

As women sometimes do, which I don’t understand, they tried to make her look bad in front of her date asking her questions that they thought she wouldn’t understand, but he stood his ground and stood up for her. Here was the part that I was screaming for joy on – Cookie was in the stall and the two women from earlier were talking about how she was ghetto and out of place. She came out that stall and was herself as she checked them. Let them know she may be a little ghetto but she was about her money and wasn’t kissing they fake bougie asses.

Screenshot 2017-07-26 12.34.37I bring that up because so many of us are miserable because we are putting up a false face everyday. We strive so hard to please people who could care less about us, why? Why try to conform to a box of what society tells you is acceptable? From your weight, your hairstyles, the latest fashions, whats beautiful, and your sexual orientation.

Be who you are and be true to yourself. No matter what you do in life someone is going to talk about you. Nine times out of ten if they are talking about you its because they are jealous that you are being happy while they are still putting on a mask every morning. Those who truly love you, will love you no matter what. There should be no conditions on friendship or relationships. Love doesn’t come with that.

So be free! Be happy! Love yourself…. and most importantly, be true to yourself.