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She’s Gotta Have It Season 2

The truth isn’t never pretty, and not many want to accept that.

Nola Darling is back, and she is not for the foolery and games. I will try not to spoil, but I can’t make promises.

Nola starts off this season trying to have a committed relationship with Opal, but as opposites have it, Opal’s control issues and Nola’s rebellious spirit, it doesn’t last past the first episode. The funny thing is, she didn’t run back to her trio of guys, as they all had their own lives to deal with.

For all of us who saw the original movie, this is what happens afterwards, all the questions you had after the movie – resolved, and I don’t think Nola is done with us yet. As an artist we saw her reach grow, her spirit shift and her outlook on life change.

She had some heart wrenching conversations with friends, that needed to happen. You remember her crew, Shamekka, Clorinda and Rachel. And yes, Raqueletta Moss is back as well. We learn more about all of them, and watch them grow or show who they really can become. There are some new faces, as well as all of the old ones.

This season talked about envy, greed, paid homage to Puerto Rico, showed you how gentrification of “urban” neighborhoods never reveals the whole truth. It shows how some “allies” just don’t get it, how not all black people are ready for the truth, and will step on your toes just to stop your growth. This season was in your face and raw. It was needed, it was deep, it was a Spike Lee joint!

The ending, is what I want to hear the most about, I want comments and conversation about what you personally felt about her piece. Some hated it, even tried to block it, some loved it and saw its strength and others were offended, saying she had no right.

I won’t say how I feel, but if you know my views, you probably already know. I sure hope there is a season 3. And DeWanda Wise… girl… you once again embodied Nola and kilt that role. I cannot wait to see more of you, I demand more of you! I am truly a fan!

Here’s the trailer!

See You Yesterday – A Netflix Film

Being black in America is hard, and knowing there is something you can do to fix something and failing, is what this movie is about. CJ and Sebastian, two black teenagers, have developed time traveling, something that the world has never seen. They go back just to test it and it works!

A few days later, CJ’s older brother is killed, another unarmed black man in a mistaken identity. CJ comes up with a plan, she and her best friend have to go back and save her brother. Only it gets worse and worse at every turn.

CJ defines a strong black female, determined to not fail, although she is thrown test after test, failure after failure. There is a problem and dammit she is going to try everything to fix it.

My heart dropped several times. To see the bond CJ and her brother had, and the friendship between CJ and Sebastian, makes it hard with every minute this movie continues. CJ and Sebastian can never celebrate their invention because they have to use it to save the world that CJ is left with.

Spike Lee and Stefon Bristol brought the drama to this Netflix film. I just finished watching this and I feel the world needs to see this. Not only because black people can be scientist, but black people can be heroes, victims and prejudged all at the same time. Life meets science and yet life wins every time.

Can CJ change the world? Can CJ change her reality? And really what would happen if she did? This movies leaves a pain in my heart and the hairs on my arms at attention. I want more, but I also want peace. My heart hurts for CJ because she has experienced loss way too much and too close up.

This film was full of newcomers, including Eden Duncan-Smith (Annie, Steps) who played CJ, and brought her to life. The cast also starred Dante Crichlow, Astro, and Marsha Stephanie Blake. Each character, each actor brought the fire to make this and each of them new names you need to recognize. I need to read this. If anyone knows if this is a book, send me a link. I have to see if this ends differently than the movie. I have sooo many questions.

Until we meet again. Remember:

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. FAIL AT IT. TRY AGAIN. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. OWN IT.”

~Oprah Winfrey