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Happy New Year!!!!

Screenshot 2018-01-02 07.16.58

Ok, I’m like 15 days late, but better late than never right. I can’t believe its 2018! It seemed like just yesterday we were bringing in 2017. This year has been full of ups and downs for my family and I but we survived and brought the New Year in with a new set of challenges.

Oh but we are super ready for it!

I plan on this year getting back to my voice. I have been writing for others as a content writer and forgetting to put my words into the world, as well as my opinion. I have made a goal of reading/listening to 100 books on Goodreads. (Follow me on there and hold me accountable and watch my progress.) Also suggest books for me to read. I love reading and will more then likely review new writers to me and some new to the industry as well. Every Thursday, there will be a review of some sort as before.

Also I am an activist, so once a week, and only once a week, I will talk about something political or give my support or non support to a cause, with my reasonings.

More content, more reading, more of me!!!! There are also some amazing things coming that I cannot wait to tell you about, but patience is a virtue, one that I don’t really have, but one that I hope that you all do. I will also talk more about me and the things that hold me back, my issues, illnesses and struggles, because so many bloggers either only talk about their issues or act like they don’t have any, and let me tell you, I have many.

So sit back, watch your notifications and go on the journey of 2018 with me.

Love you guys!!!!