She’s Gotta Have It Season 2

This season talked about envy, greed, paid homage to Puerto Rico, showed you how gentrification of “urban” neighborhoods never reveals the whole truth. It shows how some “allies” just don’t get it, how not all black people are ready for the truth, and will step on your toes just to stop your growth. This season was in your face and raw. It was needed, it was deep, it was a Spike Lee joint!


See You Yesterday – A Netflix Film

Can CJ change the world? Can CJ change her reality? And really what would happen if she did? This movies leaves a pain in my heart and the hairs on my arms at attention.

Same Kind of Different As Me

Not a Netflix Original, But I Found It There. I love movies with a deeper message than you think you will get in the beginning. I was a big old baby crying in the end. (Don’t worry, as usual, I will not spoil the good things for you). This movie is a flashback movie it…

Extinction – A Netflix Film

A movie than I normally would’ve scrolled by, but I’m so glad I didn’t. This is not your normal alien invasion movie.

Brain On Fire – Netflix Original

How often are people misdiagnosed when a doctor simply doesn’t have the answers? This movie comes at a very important time in my life, as I struggle with my own health issues. Suzanna was losing herself. She was lost, confused, hearing and seeing things. She was looking up things online and self diagnosing, but the…

Netflix: First Match Review

I am a girl with Daddy issues, well, let me take that back, I used to be. I lived to make him proud and it killed me whenever he was mad at me, but I had a mother who more than made up for his absence, whenever and however long that was. This movie could…

7 Seconds – No Justice

A 15-year old black boy in Jersey City killed in a hit and run by a cop. As much as this show is fictional, its reality. This show tells the story of the hashtags in court, how the victim is put on trail, how the politics of the person prosecuting the corrupt cops and how…

Love scares the shit outta you, but so does death.

Irreplaceable You… A Netflix Film I just watched the most emotional movie of my life and tears don’t show my sorrow enough. My biggest fear in life is finding the person, my person, that I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with and then, they die. As sad as that is, it…