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Not Cinderella’s Type

A realistic Cinderella Story

I have seen many reenactments of Cinderella and it’s always the same. A foster child was taken in being physically and mentally abused while the family uses all the money left for the child. In this movie, it was no different. Her mother died in a horrible crash, her aunt and uncle take her in, put her in an attic instead of a room in their 8 bedroom house.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 17.18.54She walked to school, while their daughters had a car and absolutely everything they wanted. Here’s where things change. The super popular guy that the sisters were obsessed with was a son of a therapist. He accidentally ran over her cat but did everything to make it up to her.

That’s when he noticed the abuse. Her best friend, a guy, decided he didn’t like that someone else was trying to talk to her and claimed his undying love for her.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 17.19.20

Bryant, the popular guy, didn’t give up. He encouraged her to check into feelings for her best friend. Told her to date him, even though he really liked her. He gave her a choice, never tricked her or played games. He always went with his gut about taking care of her.

One day, after Indy went to her best friend Max’s soccer game to support him, she got home and it was the worst it had ever been. She snapped and when sent to her room was scared of what was going to happen to her. She called Max, he said ‘Oh just let your Aunt calm down.’ She told him she was scared and he said he would talk to her tomorrow (Some best friend and way to show your emotions.)

Bryant, on the other hand, was scared for her. He pulled up and came in the house. He saw her bags packed and got her out of there. Her father was a mandated reporter. This is where I fell in love with Bryant’s character, he did what others around he should have done in the past. She was being abused. Locked in her closet and forced to do slave work,  and was never treated as an equal.

I love how this story was realistic. It didn’t make me cringe at the tv like so many Cinderella movies in the past, in the beginning perhaps, but it set the scene. Bryant was supportive, understanding and helped build her self-esteem. I have seen reviews saying it was lame, but those are the ones who like the original “I need a man to save me” “let the family abuse her until she’s 18” type Cinderella story, to me, this one is the best one for the message alone.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 17.18.17

Can you guess who she decided to date? You should check it out, now I have to read the book written by Jenni James to see just how amazing this story really was. The cast was amazing. It’s definitely a realistic movie I watched with my daughters and loved how they reacted to it.

Here’s the trailer:


Extinction – A Netflix Film

Screenshot 2018-08-08 21.02.51I would’ve normally skipped this movie, it’s really not my thing, I have never been into alien invasion movies, but I am glad I watched this one. The cast Micheal Peña, Lizzy Caplan and Isreal Broussard (to name a few), were amazing in delivering this action thriller.

I was so caught up in the film, that I was screaming at the tv to the point that my mother thought I was on the phone. She came looking when I yelled out to kill him, kill him! This was unlike any other alien invasion film, and I can’t give too much without it being a spoiler, but it worth watching.

Screenshot 2018-08-08 21.00.12It has its sad moments when characters you have become attached to die, and the kid keeps screaming and running when she should be still and shut up. Which is most of the reason I was screaming at the t.v…. the kid was super annoying. Her and that damn monkey toy. (insert eye roll).

The graphics were amazing, the cameramen and the director Ben Young, did an excellent job with the point of views and the angles they shot the film in. I loved that the main character kept seeing what was happening before it did, and yet, no one believed him. They wanted him to see someone and talk about it.

If you want a good movie to watch (that’s new) check it out. You will not be disappointed, and when you do, comment below. Tell me what you thought about it. Check out the trailer below!

Cute With Bad Qualities

Cute With Bad Qualities – An Understatement

Screenshot 2018-07-21 14.27.35I don’t know how many times I tell people with children to stop coddling them. Introduce them to the real world and tell them how shit really is. If you put your children in a bubble, when they go to college, they wild out. This movie here is a straight up proof of how it normally goes, because its not always black and white, its grey areas in between.

Her mother waited until she was an adult, and heading to college before taking to her. Something that should NOT be a last minute conversation. This is something we should talk to our daughters now in elementary school, to build them up as women and let them know that everything that glitters ain’t gold.

Screenshot 2018-07-21 14.28.09Cute with Bad Qualities – I thought in the beginning was a horrible title, but I get it, Donovan was the “cute” one, and his qualities were horrible. Her being a “caged child”, she was easily open to the first guy that gave her attention. Her friends had a bet on how long she would be cool until she wilded out. It clearly didn’t take long.

This girl made a 32 on her SATs (not an accurate score, thats more an ACT score, but I’ll leave that flaw in the script alone… No I didn’t). Although she stayed in her books, but she became all about this man. She didn’t follow up on his story he told about Sheena, which lead to Sheen being shady to her, not her fault and continue to sleep with him behind her back.

The tagline “If he shows you who is he, believe him.” Was perfect, because as a woman, this was something that was always told to me. As a mother of teenage girls, I let them have boyfriends, explain to them the horrors of sex and people who don’t mean you any good. I also tell them the importance of looking at every angle and being true to themselves. Never letting someone dictate their lives or tell them what they can and cannot do.

Screenshot 2018-07-21 14.27.08This man disrespected her mother when he first met her, telling her excuse me, but me and Mya are grown, when she told him to take her straight home. And instead of taking her back to her dorms, like her mother asked, he took her back to his place where there was a bra in his bed, which he hid. They didn’t have sex that night, he played the role of the gentlemen, sleeping on the floor.

Screenshot 2018-07-21 14.28.58In the beginning, Mya, played by Samantha Smith, was a quiet girl who was a freshman in college. She was a private school girl who was raised in a strict religious home. She saw this boy and literally ran into Sheena, who invited her to a party that Donovan, Tasmin Williams, was supposed to be in attendance.

She showed him in the beginning that he could run her, because he told her to call Sheena back when she called to check on her. He told her not to be friends with certain people and she was all about listening to him. It was like she had no mind of her own and let him check her. Which, he took every moment to brag about to his friends.

When her best friend came in town, he was all about getting to know her friend on a deeper level calling her friend fine and flirting across the table. He kept looking her friend up and down. Her friend saw him for who he was, someone sneaky.

When he was injured, she told him to get seen and he blamed her for not getting medically cleared. Then when he found out he had DBT and couldn’t play he went off on her blaming her for him not being able to play. He broke up with her.

Unlike other stories, Mya and Donovan got married but not because he loved her, from the beginning he was telling his friends that she was a gold mine. He made this big marriage proposal after leaving her for a month. A virgin and a woman who will make money, but he quickly tried to make her his woman who did what he said.  This is not a love story, not a story of romance, its a story of being entrapped, feeling like you have to hold on because he’s your husband.

Screenshot 2018-07-21 14.28.26When her husband told her she was getting fat, she went to the doctors office and found out she was pregnant. He told her she should go and get an abortion. Something he knew she would not do, because she is very religious. In the next several scenes, you can see him celebrating graduation and hanging with friends while she goes to doctors visits and has the baby. He refused to even help out with the baby at night.

He starts spending time with Sheena on the side, and hanging out without his wife at certain events. Sheena recorded their conversation on the voicemail to their house. To him it was never about making her happy or even comfortable in their marriage, when she brought up him cheating, he just went to bed. Didn’t even try to explain, because he knew she wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything. She being still in school and having a baby. What could she do?

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

It took for her to realize that she married who she picked and not who she was supposed to marry. It took for her to stand up for herself and realize that she was fighting for a marriage on her own. We have to understand what love looks like, we are responsible for our children knowing that so that they don’t repeat the mistakes we have made in our lives.


7 Seconds – No Justice

A 15-year old black boy in Jersey City killed in a hit and run by a cop. As much as this show is fictional, its reality. This show tells the story of the hashtags in court, how the victim is put on trail, how the politics of the person prosecuting the corrupt cops and how they will stand for each other in the end.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 01.21.52

This show displays how many families are left without answers and justice for their families members murdered in cold blood. I believed the tears of Regina King, because as a black mother, there is nothing worse you can imagine. Burying a child is hard enough, without the people who should be finding the murders covering it all up.

Then to add insult to injury when you hear the word guilty, the justice system slaps them on the wrist with a penalty that a drug charge would see more time. Less than a year later, that same cop is back on the streets, more than likely with the same job, and the ones who covered for him never leaving the block. Realizing even more that they are invincible, because they are the law, and the law cannot be held against them.

I felt every person who sat as the judge left, you have no honor, you are one of them. He mights as well left Brandon Butlers body himself. He might as well been behind the wheel of the blue SUV that left his body for 12 hours in the cold.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 01.22.20A television show to most, but the reality and fears of black parents every where. Its not about race, it wasn’t a hate crime, but we all know it was. They named him a gang member as he laid there dying. I bet had they reported it, he would’ve lived. I bet if he reported it, there wouldn’t have been any charges, but all he cared about was himself and the son that he will never see again.

This show was good, but it pissed me off at the same time. Because to me it added another hashtag to a sea of names left. An unanswered question for that mother, a young black boys life destroyed while the life of another child, a newborn scarred. Netflix, damn you… Damn you for making me bring that anger up, that fight up that we are far from done from our fight, its just on pause, but for how long?

Things need to be fixed while things are quiet, lets save the next kids life. The next black man, woman or child from having their lives interrupted because the color of their skin is a threat to someone who should have more restraint.

Love scares the shit outta you, but so does death.

Irreplaceable You… A Netflix Film

I just watched the most emotional movie of my life and tears don’t show my sorrow enough. My biggest fear in life is finding the person, my person, that I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with and then, they die. As sad as that is, it always keeps me from giving my heart fully to anyone.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 20.25.28Irreplaceable You, is about a woman who thought she was pregnant and found instead that she had stage four cancer. She was engaged to the man she fell in love with as a child. A man who had never been with anyone else but her and she was afraid to leave him alone.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 20.26.13Group after group, app after app Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) began searching for her replacement, but Sam (Michiel Huisman), her lover, didn’t want to replace her at all. This movie was emotional, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. I want love, but in order to have it, I have to give up my fear of losing it. This movie showed the simple things that will last a lifetime and how letting fear makes you miss the best parts of life and love.

Not only does this movie make you experience true love, but the fears of someone young dying and doing everything they can to not die, all while trying to prepare the one they love. I cried, I experienced a true cleansing cry from this and it made me truly ready for my person and open to be truly loved without fear.

This movie was amazing, beautiful and so worth it. The angles, the scenes, the scoring, this movie gave off every emotion that was supposed to be given off. When you watch, keep watching after the credits, the best part of love is then. Good job Netflix, Stephanie Laing and Bess Wohl. You achieved exactly what you set out to do.

Review Time!

Dear Amber – No spoilers

Screenshot 2018-02-10 21.28.24So I was scrolling for something to watch on my Amazon Prime account when I came across this film “Dear Amber” directed and written by Tiara West, first of all the movie was a short film, I didn’t realize it because I was so far into it. I swore I watched a movie longer than 20 minutes, which is not a bad thing. For this to be a short film, it was complete, it had a solid beginning, middle and end, which to me is rare. Most short films have you confused about some part of the story.

So Amazon totally could have described this movie better, it says:

Amber, a high school teen, finds herself in an abusive relationship with her high school crush, Rodney. While her best friend James secretly falls in love with her, he later finds himself writing a letter about his feelings for her.

Umm… I guess, I mean its accurate but this movie deserves a way better intro. This movie reminds me of my best friend in high school who went through a similar relationship and as a friend there was nothing you can do but talk to her and let her know its not ok. I can say that Amber, was smarter than her, she didn’t stand for it, but Rodney was worse than her boyfriend.

The issue with domestic violence, besides the obvious, is that most who do it bait you for awhile. They treat you better than anyone else and make you forget about others who love you. Then something simple will set them off, whether its someone else they find to be a threat, a broken glass, hell a simple smile, the temper flares and before you know it, there hands are on you. This short film expressed and made you feel all of it.

I will say that I looked Tiara up afterwards and found on IMDB she did a few acting jobs, then I found a GoFund me page for money for this film. She didn’t make her goal, matter fact she only got $15 out of the $2050 she was looking for, but what amazed me, is she still did it. After seeing this I felt like I had made it with her. Now some of the angles in the film are a bit off and some of the lighting could’ve been clearer, but for what it looks like she had, this was a bit of Black Girl Magic all the way.

Raising Someones husbandI notice that in a family where there is a son, mothers coddle them. We always teach our daughters how to avoid red flags and protect themselves from creeps, but why don’t we teach our sons to be men? To be someones husband, boyfriend, friend. To teach them to be respectful, not possessive and abusive. Also not to take abuse either and to stand up to it.

In this movie and real life abusive relationships, the first thing that the abuser always does is separate their spouse from their friends and family. They mentally abuse them as well as physically abusing them, which many times takes away their will to fight or that there is any way they could survive without the abuser. Thats not true!

I definitely recommend this movie! It was very good, I can’t wait to see more movies made from her! Awesome job Tiara!!! The cast was awesome as well, lets not leave them out. The cast brought the movie to life and made it a beautiful film.

If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship you can go online at http://www.thehotline.org or call 1−800−799−7233. There are people who are trained to help you escape and become safe. Do not stay, it will not get better! Ever!

More Than A Review… This is Real Life!!

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message


So its Thursday night (last week), and I have a broke down car and I decided to Netflix and chill by myself. So I usually watch a couple of shows, but I decided to try a movie I hadn’t seen before. Why did I pick this movie?

Screenshot 2017-08-08 20.13.35

I tell you why, because Jessica Sula’s cute face made me think this was going to be interesting. I loved her on Recovery Road, so I was interested to see something else with her in it. Interesting is not what I got. Instead I am left with my mind spinning on where I can begin to stop this from happening.

In case you all have never seen the movie, it came out in 2014 in the United Kingdom, its about a black teen named Layla who recently moved to London from Trinidad. Her mother left her with her grandparents, who were very touchy, to say the least. This girl comes to a mother, who you can tell knows nothing about being a mother. She doesn’t get her in school in time so she is shuffled to this school with metal detectors and babysitters in place of teachers.

She was destined to be with “gangstas”…  it was almost as if her mother left her to handle life on her own. She was able to be free and go where she pleased. She ran into Troy when a few fake friends used her to get into a video shoot. She was pretty, and they were a bit ghetto. You could tell she was pure, which led Troy straight to her. Her “relationship” with him and her so-called friends went down hill from that. She was jumped, abused and eventually left in the hospital after throwing herself in front of traffic.

Screenshot 2017-08-08 20.16.23

This movie was written because of true events, and even if that wasn’t written out, there are many situations like this everywhere. Young girls are having babies and have no idea what to tell their teenage children or teach them the right way. Many parents (and not just single ones) are so busy living their lives that they don’t think about what their children are going through.

It took a murder and police knocking at her door for Layla’ mother to realize this. Why? Why do we not see the signs of distress in our children? Children are committing murder, getting raped, stealing and being sent away because we aren’t watching. We aren’t paying attention. Social media makes it hard on parents, is one of the lamest excuses I have ever heard.

See social media and cellphones only become a problem when you let you children believe they have privacy. See me, I am all in my kids business. I know passwords and I will snatch a phone at the drop of a dime to go through it. We have to stay active parents, yes I know we all need a break here and there, but teenage years are the worst times to take breaks.

I have two teenage daughters and a preteen all under the same roof with a 1st grader. We make it work. They have their lives, but I am very BIG part of it. I know their friends and their friends know me. I am deemed as the cool parent, only because of my relationship with my girls.

See I am honest with my girls, I tell them the stuff that most parents sugar coat. I figure, why sugar coat? Being an adult isn’t sugar coated and its my responsibility to make them ready for the real world.

To get back to Honeytrap, this movies saddens me, because since its a black movie, half of America won’t watch, but the reality is, this happens everyday to girls of all race. Any young girl that is not confident in who she is has these predator boys lurking and plotting their move. We have to protect our daughters, AND we need to teach our sons and nephews how to treat and respect women.

If you feel you have a child going through any of this and you do not know what to do, there are resources and steps to take. Adolescents centers are not just for mental health issues, they are also for behavioral issues. And behavioral issues are anything that can lead to the destruction of themselves. Call your local hospital or outpatient therapy clinic for children. Depending on the assessment they can either go inpatient or outpatient. Stand up for your children, because if we don’t, how will they know how to for themselves.

Review: Jessica Williams

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

The Incredible Jessica James

Screenshot 2017-08-01 18.07.46

So the other day I was feeling a little discouraged, writing is my thing, you know. So I scanned Netflix and the beautiful Jessica Williams’s movie came up. I really thought it was a television series at first, actually I was kind of hoping it was. 

Jessica James’s character is a special woman who is completely living in her truth. Her dream is to be a famous play writer but pays her bills teaching play writing to kids at a non-profit. In the beginning of the movie she is sort of obsessed with the ex-boyfriend who moved on. So a friend introduced her to a blind date, a white guy who is the complete opposites of her. Both of them, after realizing they had nothing in common decided to do a night of honesty. The date ended with them going back to his place, where they did everything but have sex.

Jessica James: What?

Boone: I really like you.

Jessica James: Of course you do.

Jessica James: Everyone does

Jessica James: I’m freaking dope.

Along the way, you went through her daily life of what she did. I absolutely loved that she was not afraid to speak whatever was on her mind, no matter what the situation. Her passion for writing transferred to her passion for teaching. She really pushed and put her all into teaching those kids to reach their full potential.

For example there was a writers retreat which was really important to her because a famous play writer was going to be there. She took the time to introduce herself and ask a real question about how to get in the business. She was shocked to find that play writers don’t make that much, that as she was, she was living the dream.

Screenshot 2017-08-01 18.08.08

This movie to me screamed motivation, persistence and learning to follow the dream no matter what. She was clear with what she wanted in life and regardless of what anyone said she continued to pursue her dreams. Her family was a little unsure of what she was doing, but that was because she didn’t share her dream with everyone. She got her degree, moved to New York and did what she had to do, and all with a cork board full of rejection letters.

That was until she got her first acceptance letter! They wanted her work and her to come to London and read one of her pieces. The guy who was her blind date ended up being a really nice guy, they never really established a relationship but he helped her, her best friend and a student get to London. He ended up being a good friend and she was on her way.

I have to say I was a little disappointed at the end that it was over, but I again motivated to finish doing what I was meant to do. Jessica didn’t settle and change her writing to what others were doing. She never watered herself down to be what others wanted to her to be. She wrote for herself and believed in what she wrote. She motivated me to write, help others and tell my story. So here I am.. Thanks Jessica Williams… I am truly a new fan!

Review!!! Thursday Special

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/messageMe Before You… I Cried Real Tears.

As I watched this movie the song “Why I Love You” by MAJOR played in my head, and as I write this article this song is on repeat, bringing tears with every note.

“I found love.. in you.. and no other love will do… every moment that you smile… chases all the pain away… forever and a while… in my heart is where you’ll stay..

This song wraps this movie up in the exact words and emotions. When I first heard this song, I realized that this is the kind of love that I want, the kind of love that will show no limits and no restrictions. The kind of love that will push you to love yourself beyond all measures and love life. The kind of love that makes you wake up ever morning smiling because of the possibilities.

This movie was all about fate. Lou Clark lost her job that she started six years prior on a dare. It was at a cute little coffee shop where she was amazing with the patrons. She was matched with a job, from the Career Center,  as a caregiver for Will Traynor, a bad boy turned paraplegic, who only wanted to give life a six months trial period after a horrible accident. What happened in front of my eyes was a love story, without all the glitz and glimmer, without the happy ending, but a true love story in itself.

Screenshot 2017-05-24 05.38.31

Will had a very fulfilling life before his accident and a very bland and meaningless life afterwards. When Lou came around in her crazy outfits, bad jokes and bubbly personality, she showed him what life could be like while making the best out of a bad situation.

His parents thought it was enough for him to give life a second chance, and Lou, unbeknownst to her, fell quickly in love with him. He fought his pain for her, just to see her smile. He gave her a different pep in her step and a greater sense of self-esteem.

Love wasn’t enough in the end for him to stay in pain. His love for her was great enough that he didn’t want her to be stuck living a life surrounded by taking care of him. He went to another country to die peacefully all of course with her in his arms.

I cried at the end, but not the ugly, life-is-not-fair cry, but instead a peaceful cry of new beginnings. What Lou had now was a new sense of life and a new path to explore. Yes of course, like with all of these movies, he had money and she didn’t, but that was overshadowed with the genuineness of the movie, the softness of Emilia Clarke’s acting and the gorgeous smile of Sam Claflin.

So I play Majors song with a movie in my head, with a picture, to me of real love. Love to me isn’t the fairy-tale that everything is going to be perfect and harmonious at all times. Love to me is completely unconditional, completely selfless and pure. You have to love beyond all the good things about a person. You have to love the ugly, the impatience, the stubbornness; you have to love that person hard enough through times when they may not necessarily love themselves.

Now I could love this movie so much because it was 3 am and my heart was broken. It filled a void, but thats what a movie is supposed to do. Make you feel like you found the emotions that the movie is portraying. In my heart, the pieces have been mended and I feel as if I see life a little brighter, at least until the sun rises and reality sets in.

I have to say this movie is amazing and I am definitely going to read the book by Jojo Moyes.

Check out the movie trailer and music video by MAJOR!

Movie Trailer: https://youtu.be/T0MmkG_nG1U

Song (Why I Love You by MAJOR): https://youtu.be/FqiVMKJxWK0

Review Time!!! A Kids Classic Tale!

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

Moana – A Kids Movie With Real Life Problems.

I know, I know I am super late right, but hey… Here we go! So Moana is definitely a Disney movie that is all the glitz and glamour. It has the catching songs, bright colors and bubbly characters. Animals and all.

So here’s where to me the message stood out. In the beginning, Moana’s mother tells her that who she wants to be is not always who she is supposed to be. WRONG! The ocean continues to call her to her destiny, to be great! Everything that Moana was supposed to find out she did, partly because of her “crazy lady” grandma and fate.

See no matter how much her parents told her to be safe and go one way, the way that the family had been doing for years, she was drawn to her purpose. I know I have felt like that, like following the “rules” wasn’t meant for me. That I lived at a different pace. It seems when I go that different route, things happen for me. Like bread crumbs… follow the good feeling.

Now what would have happened if Moana listened to her parents who told her to ignore her urges and follow the way the tribe had been going for generations? The way of the land would have died off along with its people. Sometimes following rules and going by the book is not the way to go. Sometimes you need to think outside the box and follow your heart. Your dreams will lead you where you are supposed to go in life.

In life you cant live for everyone else, you have to beat your own drum no matter the odd beats that may escape. At first it wont be a rhythm that you will recognize, it may take a weird route and be hard times, but in the end it will be YOUR beat! Moana did what she set out to do, she delivered Mauwi to restore the heart of Tafiti. She did what her family thought she couldn’t do, and in doing so she was met with a sense of accomplishment and a better way of life for her people.

This is an important message in life because we cannot live our lives for other people. We have to fight to make the best of our lives here on Earth, to not only make a name for ourselves, but to be able to look in the mirror after retirement and know that we lived our lives to its fullest. No one including your parents are going to change their course of happiness for you, so why do you need to do the same for them.

As parents our job is to raise you and prepare you for the real world, but it should also be to support you in all you decide you do in life. I teach my daughters the opposite of Moana’s parents. I teach them to follow their hearts and do what they know is right and what they can live with. It gives them freedom to make decisions but also the life lessons that comes with consequences and rewards on real life terms.

Be at peace and follow your heart, because living life as everyone else is boring. Be the best you that you can be.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/LKFuXETZUsI