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She’s Gotta Have It Season 2

The truth isn’t never pretty, and not many want to accept that.

Nola Darling is back, and she is not for the foolery and games. I will try not to spoil, but I can’t make promises.

Nola starts off this season trying to have a committed relationship with Opal, but as opposites have it, Opal’s control issues and Nola’s rebellious spirit, it doesn’t last past the first episode. The funny thing is, she didn’t run back to her trio of guys, as they all had their own lives to deal with.

For all of us who saw the original movie, this is what happens afterwards, all the questions you had after the movie – resolved, and I don’t think Nola is done with us yet. As an artist we saw her reach grow, her spirit shift and her outlook on life change.

She had some heart wrenching conversations with friends, that needed to happen. You remember her crew, Shamekka, Clorinda and Rachel. And yes, Raqueletta Moss is back as well. We learn more about all of them, and watch them grow or show who they really can become. There are some new faces, as well as all of the old ones.

This season talked about envy, greed, paid homage to Puerto Rico, showed you how gentrification of “urban” neighborhoods never reveals the whole truth. It shows how some “allies” just don’t get it, how not all black people are ready for the truth, and will step on your toes just to stop your growth. This season was in your face and raw. It was needed, it was deep, it was a Spike Lee joint!

The ending, is what I want to hear the most about, I want comments and conversation about what you personally felt about her piece. Some hated it, even tried to block it, some loved it and saw its strength and others were offended, saying she had no right.

I won’t say how I feel, but if you know my views, you probably already know. I sure hope there is a season 3. And DeWanda Wise… girl… you once again embodied Nola and kilt that role. I cannot wait to see more of you, I demand more of you! I am truly a fan!

Here’s the trailer!