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The Scribbled Victims – Robert Tomoguchi

Being in the writers and authors network on Instagram you run into a lot of awesome authors who are trying to get their books read and reviewed. I offered to read The Scribbled Victims, because number one its description sounded good, and boy was I write.

The Scribbled Victims is not your normal vampire story, its so much deeper than that. Besides the main character (Orly) is a orphan with cancer who scribbles peoples secrets. The secrets she can see is the secret lives people live as pedophiles, murders, abusers, and hateful people. Orly is not going to make it, no one wants to tell her that, but because of her gift she knows the truth. With no family to keep her company or be by her side she finds herself in the cafeteria late at night scribbling people she encounters. Thats when Yelena comes in, she scribbles Yelena and is frightened. Orly believes that Yelena wants to kill her, but Yelena is a vampire with a conscience.

Yes, you read correctly, a vampire with a conscience. She only wants to kill those who are horrible people and the world would be better without. Thats what makes Orly so special, because Orly can see the bad in others. She wants to adopt her, but the adoption agency doesn’t want to spend the time on a child who will die soon anyways. Sad to know that usually happens.

Yelena becomes a frequently visitor of Orly, and from there an unbreakable bond begins. Its a strange bond that has its ups, downs, twists and turns. There are different parts where you are sitting on the edge of your seat because you are unsure whats about to happen next.

I hate books that are predictable (they are a disappointment), but this book was far from it. It was like, when you thought the book was over and it was a happily ever after, something else came up. Yet to only added to the excitement of the story, it made for an amazing read. I am so hooked on this story and cannot wait until his sequel Scribbling, The Eternal comes out.

How does it end? Not like how you expect, but once you pick this book up, you will not be able to put it down. My kindle and I had a love hate relationship because it wouldn’t stay charged like I needed it too. Now that I am finished, I have so many questions. To me that is a making of a good book, I should want to know more and want to read more. Which will make every reader of this book do a countdown until the sequel.

To learn more about Robert Tomoguchi go to his site http://tomoguchi.com