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The Gold Feather – Dani Pasquini

I won this book through an IG competition but WOW!!

There will be some spoilers, but not enough to not make you check out the book. Just wanted to give that warning up front.

So, a few months ago I won an IG book giveaway that included this book, a gold necklace (that will have a totally different meaning now), and a Starbucks gift card. The funny thing was all I was really concerned with was the book. 

Check out her website for more information and updates https://www.danipasquini.com

I read the background on the book and the information that was put up and I was hooked. I had to know how this worked. See in the military they were using orphans and babies that weren’t “wanted” and making them into experiments. They would raise them up and then sent them out to become adults with their memories erased and replaced to let them lead normal lives. 

Until they were ready for them. When they were ready for them, everything they loved died. They were considered dead and they were put in a room given a serum and basically “woken” up. 

Imagine being in your thirties and finding out your whole life was a lie, and the fact that your family could’ve died because of who you were. That was in Lily’s mind. As her memories came flooding back to her and her abilities we struggle with her as she wants to leave and run, but is tightly connected to her Dual Jonas. There powers together are unlike anything I have ever heard and I am a fan. 

I can only imagine the fiery glow that comes from Lily as she is protecting her loved ones and the ones she was sent to protect, but there is so much holding her back. See the thing is the military didn’t know how strong the Duals were going to be, and for that matter neither did they. 

To them they were a weapon, so how do you get away from becoming what they tried to make you while making sense of it all? Thats what Dani did here. She made you think of all that as as the book was coming to the end I was already waiting for book two.

Screenshot 2018-07-01 11.58.51Dani if you’re reading this, I am going to pester you for book two. Your writing is amazing and what an great debut! Yal check it out if you haven’t yet. Its on Amazon, I will leave the link below. To me now, the necklace is a sign of power and a deeper understanding of me. Its my connection to remember whats true. Your book reminds me that its never too late to be great, when its something you were built for.