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Chloe X Halle

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

So I have to admit I have been following these amazing young ladies since they were teenagers on Facebook and YouTube videos making covers of Beyonce songs. I’m serious, I am a HUGE fan. These girls worked their butts off and impressed Beyonce herself, and became the first act Bey signed to her label. She taught them to take creative control of their own album. I loved how they Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.47.29worked and made it slowly but they are hitting the prime now while Halle is in her senior year and coming into adulthood, just turning 18 on Tuesday March 27th. (Chloe will be 20 on July 1st.)

Taking creative control they did, many people doubted them because here are these small young girls, how could they come up with any music that would make a difference, and they proved the naysayers wrong. They are apart of the generation who is standing up for their creativity and their own voice. Their debut album ‘The Kids Are Alright’ that came out with a mini show to showcase their Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.48.19music. The two wrote all the songs on the album including the theme song Grown from ‘Grownish’ and Warrior from ‘Wrinkle in Time’, while Chloe produced almost the whole album. They credit their take charge motivation to their parents who have taught them that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.45.49While they have played parts as children on different television shows and movies, nothing major, they have made their true acting debut in FreeForms “Grownish” with Yara Shahidi playing her character, , friends Jazzlin (Chloe) and Skyler (Halle) the track star twins. They got the part, because they are actually friends with Yara and while onstage accepting for Beyonce at the BET Awards, the producer Kenya Barris thought how they would be perfect to be on the show.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.46.58These young sisters with the show and new album out, they are proof that the younger generation still multitasks and that the younger generation is all about standing up and following their dreams. They take their experience and what happens and create magic. They have no problem saying a song might have sucked when they tried it the first time around. They write songs that are true to them, their hearts and their songs are like their diaries.

Haven’t heard of them? Then you need to definitely go check them out! They are my Thursday review, but can I count them as my Feminist Friday as well? These girls are dope and I know going to even higher places. I cannot wait to see where they go next or what they do next because their album is awesome.

Whats your favs from the album? Mine are Warrior (of course), Fall, and Drop, but this is definitely an album you can listen to from the beginning to end.


Jay Z, Jay Z, Jay Z… Boy You Still Got It!

Review Time!!!!  Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

So after debating in my head since the debut of 4:44 whether I was going to redo my membership for Tidal, Facebook made me aware that Jay had snuck his new album to iTunes this morning. Best part was, my Apple Music Membership covered it! 

Let me tell you, I have been a Jay-Z fan since I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Screenshot 2017-07-07 20.33.16in 2001 and even before. So my review is probably biased. Not really, cause if Jay would’ve come out with something whack I would’ve called him out.

But this man doesn’t know what whack is, unless you are him describing how he almost pulled a Eric Benet and lost his woman. Now that was indeed whack.

See most people only hear that he admits to all the things that Lemonade was talking about, but they missed the greatness of his album just as they missed the best parts of Beyonce’s albums.

He starts with Kill JayZ spitting on how theres no healing what you hide. He spoke on every rumor and every bad thing he ever did, how he couldn’t take it if he wound up like Future watching another man play ball with his son.

But that wasn’t the best part of the album and if thats all you heard, then you need to listen until you hear the rest. JayZ spoke up on how it doesn’t matter how rich you are, what complexion you are that we are still niggas in their eyes. He talked about how OJ said he wasn’t black he was OJ and how quick they brought him back to reality.

How our so called leaders are dealing with crap like Bill Cosby being held on charges instead of them saying NBC wasn’t for sale. Look at Al Sharpton on IG taking selfies in the mirror, what is he fighting? He’s given up. (Of course you have to look up what Al Sharpton had to say in return.. all I can do is roll my eyes. He always has so much to say but still saying nothing, but thats a different story.)

Screenshot 2017-07-07 20.34.33

My jam is Family Feud, because in this song he speaks about how nobody wins if the family is feuding. He’s not speaking about his family, he’s speaking on our Black family and how we are at each others throats, drinking alcohol that we know is not ours.

He also spoke on how all these “new” rappers/niggas is starting to sound alike, taking pics on IG with money and guns that don’t belong to them. Hanging with chicks who look the same or are the same. How now we in the game of telling on ourselves and it really don’t be about nothing.

He talked about having credit is better than balling out, how you need to put money away for your family and invest in black owned businesses and stop working for everyone else. Like honestly, why are yal still signing record deals like you haven’t seen what they do to people. Stop making other peoples pockets fatter while all along you hungry.

He also spoke on deeper issues about him growing up with a mother who was living a life where she was hiding who she was. How you should your life to make you happy, no matter who doesn’t like it. He even called out the jewelers on how they are robbing people and don’t care even if its blood money, long as its money.

He wrapped it up with a song called Legacy and a shot out to his roots Marcy Me.

JayZ is back yal! He’s a grown man and is ready to face his responsibilities like a man and make his woman happy. He sees his flaws and his imperfections and hopefully will learn from them. Because as he said no loss is a loss its a lesson and appreciate the pain because its a blessing.

Lets hope this album will be the turning point that will allow him to keep that superhero mask on for his babies. Good Job Jay!!! This is now on my favs list. Whats your favorite JayZ album?