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Chloe X Halle

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

So I have to admit I have been following these amazing young ladies since they were teenagers on Facebook and YouTube videos making covers of Beyonce songs. I’m serious, I am a HUGE fan. These girls worked their butts off and impressed Beyonce herself, and became the first act Bey signed to her label. She taught them to take creative control of their own album. I loved how they Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.47.29worked and made it slowly but they are hitting the prime now while Halle is in her senior year and coming into adulthood, just turning 18 on Tuesday March 27th. (Chloe will be 20 on July 1st.)

Taking creative control they did, many people doubted them because here are these small young girls, how could they come up with any music that would make a difference, and they proved the naysayers wrong. They are apart of the generation who is standing up for their creativity and their own voice. Their debut album ‘The Kids Are Alright’ that came out with a mini show to showcase their Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.48.19music. The two wrote all the songs on the album including the theme song Grown from ‘Grownish’ and Warrior from ‘Wrinkle in Time’, while Chloe produced almost the whole album. They credit their take charge motivation to their parents who have taught them that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.45.49While they have played parts as children on different television shows and movies, nothing major, they have made their true acting debut in FreeForms “Grownish” with Yara Shahidi playing her character, , friends Jazzlin (Chloe) and Skyler (Halle) the track star twins. They got the part, because they are actually friends with Yara and while onstage accepting for Beyonce at the BET Awards, the producer Kenya Barris thought how they would be perfect to be on the show.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.46.58These young sisters with the show and new album out, they are proof that the younger generation still multitasks and that the younger generation is all about standing up and following their dreams. They take their experience and what happens and create magic. They have no problem saying a song might have sucked when they tried it the first time around. They write songs that are true to them, their hearts and their songs are like their diaries.

Haven’t heard of them? Then you need to definitely go check them out! They are my Thursday review, but can I count them as my Feminist Friday as well? These girls are dope and I know going to even higher places. I cannot wait to see where they go next or what they do next because their album is awesome.

Whats your favs from the album? Mine are Warrior (of course), Fall, and Drop, but this is definitely an album you can listen to from the beginning to end.


A Wrinkle in Time..

I was going to go into this big rant about people who are still under the WakScreenshot 2018-03-20 16.08.02anda flames talking down on this beautiful movie, but it wouldn’t give the glory and magnificent review that this movie deserves. First the cover and poster gives off the magic that you feel when you are in a movie theatre with the surround sounds. The feeling of joy, just joy and power! Hindsight it shows you all of what the movie was about, and all the people who it surrounded – and the true hero!

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.25.01A Wrinkle in Time was a beautiful adaptation of a childrens book where a little girl, Meg, who is a genius, with a brother, Charles Wallace, who is adopted and also a genius of a different type. Both different from others, were being bullied and treated unfairly during the 4th year anniversary of their fathers disappearance. See their father, also a genius, was a scientist and knew he was smarter than most. He didn’t have time to wait for the rest of the world to catch up, he wanted to prove the world that he and his brilliant wife was right about alternative worlds.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.13.06While doing this, he becomes lost. Lost in another dimension. Lost during a wrinkle of time. Charles Wallace called on the helpers of the universe, Ms Whatsit, Mrs Who and Mrs Which. This is where the story gets so interesting, see Meg is not as trusting as her younger brother, Charles Wallace and doesn’t trust these people. She has no idea where they come from and they speak in rhymes and quotes, and never fully answer your question. Besides they want her to tesser to different realms, because they say they know where her father is.This movie was beautiful and created another young black female hero that my daughters look up to and admire. It showed them that we as females don’t need anyone’s permission, not even their fathers, to be great!

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.25.35This movie talked about self doubt, accepting your flaws and loving who you are. It talks about standing up to the people who act ugly and accepting that might not be who they truly are. This movie has messages that every kid, especially every little girl, should see. I took my daughters to see this in theaters and this was my six year old first time at the movie theater and she cried, laughed and felt every emotion that the film was trying to convey.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 16.24.37.png

Ava DuVernay (last weeks feminist friday) did an amazing adaptation of this book that my daughters cannot wait to watch it again and again as a purchased copy. Oprah, Reese, Mindy and Chris Pine did amazing as always but the stars of the show was Storm Reid and Deric McCabe. Gugu Mbatha-Raw once again was an amazing supporting cast member. And the music that is on the soundtrack – Sade came out of hiding and provided a beautiful song called Flower of the Universe, which incorporates the film. Chloe x Halle also provided a strong song called Warrior, as well as Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled with I Believe. The scoring was a perfect match to a beautiful film. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go see it again and again. Its well worth it.

Good job Ava, I cannot wait to see what you bring to the big screen next – there is already rumors, have you heard them?

Feminist Friday

So I was totally gonna wait to do her, but as my favorite director and favorite person in the world, I have to show much love to Ava DuVernay! I know you all have seen her name on this site several times but she is my shero!

One of many things I love about Ava is that she does only the projects that mean something to her and she’s worked her butt of to have that right. Every film, documentary and television show that she directed has a message, has a meaning.

She knows that she speaks for an entire group of people and she is inclusive. She reaches back and picks up people along the way, and supports every step. On her Instagram feed she is showing not only support cast, but the people in the background that many don’t give props to.

This amazing woman has worked hard for years as a PR but started with Documentaries. She writes everything she directs and has her hands and input in every part of making the film. She WORKS hard!

Her current film in theaters is “Wrinkle In Time” an adaptation of the children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle first published in 1962. She brought the magical movie to life with the faces of Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Mandy Kaling, and newcomer Storm Reid. As the film opened Ava traveled the world with the cast and walked in to movie theaters to welcome and thank people. Before the film starts she has a small recording of her thanking people for their support of her vision.

Ava laughs, she’s animated and passionate when she talks and most of all she stands up for what she believes in. She is definitely a woman to follow and my inspiration behind everything I do.

To find more about her, google her, look around, then on the tv she’s there! And go watch Wrinkle in Time, it’s amazing. I will post my review soon!