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The Dramatic Pause

We have lost lives, respect has seemed to lost it’s meaning and the world has turned upside down

I have taken a dramatic pause on posting. It has not been for no reason, but it was a silent protest for all the things that have been happening in the world. We have lost lives, respect has seemed to lost it’s meaning and the world has turned upside down. Now it seems like the thing to do is talk bad on others and no one’s experience is as worse as the one talking. 

We ALL have a story.  

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash

They may not be as dramatic or horrific as others, but they are our own unique recipes that made who we are today. I believe we all go through certain things to make us better at what we came here for. We ALL have a purpose. 

Me, my gift was writing, but how could I be a great writer if I didn’t experience pain, trauma, loss, and breakdowns? Now I can write about those and they will come from a real place. I can stand up for people with mental health because I have been on both sides. I can talk about standing up to hospitals who treat us as a chart and not a person because I have been there. I can talk about racism from both sides because I have seen it at every angle. 

I want to change the world. I want to make this world see that UNITY,  love and moving forward is important. The only reason the Trump administration is able to get as far as they have is due to the hatred is fueling it. It’s not completely Trump’s fault, he just woke up the hatred in so many people and brought it to light. We need to fight it with love and understanding. Instead of showing them that they are right, perhaps it’s time to show them how they are wrong.

Trump makes a lot of the racist people believe that at the time when segregation was alive, they had better control of us. Why do they want better control over a group of people? Because we are advancing faster than them. Yet, let you be the only doctor to save their life. You were the one who helped them when they were stranded on the road, you were the one who stopped them from being robbed or dropping something. 

Photo by T. Chick McClure on Unsplash

The opposite of hate is love, and it’s the only way to defeat it. We need to fight with the love we want to see in the world. Yes, we need to stand up for equality, equal pay, and justice, but not by waging war on those who “THINK” they hold the power. Believe it or not, they have no power. All they have is words and rallies. No one backs them, and I’m sorry a few words can’t rustle my feathers. 

I have plans to change the world, one mind, one heart, and one life at a time. How are you planning on saving the world?