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Be Your Authentic Self

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This post above is the most honest blog of a writers mind. We use our platforms to speak about what we feel in our hearts and the passions that we have. We may not speak on every issue that goes on today, or every topic that someone asks of us, although, I must say I take them into consideration.

But writing is a passionate way for me to use my voice. I dedicate my voice to the encouragement of others, the empowerment of all, and unity to make a better place for generations to come. I speak about those things that bother me, those that excite me.

I have to say a good book, a great movie, a short film or documentary can definitely get my wheels turning, but today did that for me. Check out this blog, because anyone going through college without a drink is a hero for sure!!!!

If no one has told you they love you, then always remember I do ~ Tiffany


Review: Jessica Williams

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

The Incredible Jessica James

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So the other day I was feeling a little discouraged, writing is my thing, you know. So I scanned Netflix and the beautiful Jessica Williams’s movie came up. I really thought it was a television series at first, actually I was kind of hoping it was. 

Jessica James’s character is a special woman who is completely living in her truth. Her dream is to be a famous play writer but pays her bills teaching play writing to kids at a non-profit. In the beginning of the movie she is sort of obsessed with the ex-boyfriend who moved on. So a friend introduced her to a blind date, a white guy who is the complete opposites of her. Both of them, after realizing they had nothing in common decided to do a night of honesty. The date ended with them going back to his place, where they did everything but have sex.

Jessica James: What?

Boone: I really like you.

Jessica James: Of course you do.

Jessica James: Everyone does

Jessica James: I’m freaking dope.

Along the way, you went through her daily life of what she did. I absolutely loved that she was not afraid to speak whatever was on her mind, no matter what the situation. Her passion for writing transferred to her passion for teaching. She really pushed and put her all into teaching those kids to reach their full potential.

For example there was a writers retreat which was really important to her because a famous play writer was going to be there. She took the time to introduce herself and ask a real question about how to get in the business. She was shocked to find that play writers don’t make that much, that as she was, she was living the dream.

Screenshot 2017-08-01 18.08.08

This movie to me screamed motivation, persistence and learning to follow the dream no matter what. She was clear with what she wanted in life and regardless of what anyone said she continued to pursue her dreams. Her family was a little unsure of what she was doing, but that was because she didn’t share her dream with everyone. She got her degree, moved to New York and did what she had to do, and all with a cork board full of rejection letters.

That was until she got her first acceptance letter! They wanted her work and her to come to London and read one of her pieces. The guy who was her blind date ended up being a really nice guy, they never really established a relationship but he helped her, her best friend and a student get to London. He ended up being a good friend and she was on her way.

I have to say I was a little disappointed at the end that it was over, but I again motivated to finish doing what I was meant to do. Jessica didn’t settle and change her writing to what others were doing. She never watered herself down to be what others wanted to her to be. She wrote for herself and believed in what she wrote. She motivated me to write, help others and tell my story. So here I am.. Thanks Jessica Williams… I am truly a new fan!

17 countries in 30 mins!

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This morning my mother screamed my name because the news was about to discuss Snapchats update that supposedly all parents needed to see. Sooo… of course you know my review has to be on that, the new Snapchat feature!

“Did you know that Snapchat tells where you are to people and other people can find you?” Entering her room a commercial was on. When it came back on, I waited, because the news always have to put some story on first that most people probably wouldn’t be interested in. Finally, the story came up and I was so disappointed. They were discussing a new features, that to me makes Snapchat the best social media app at the moment.

So if you have Snapchat you know that when you first get on the app its the camera. Well if you pinch the screen a map shows up. If you don’t move it only shows you where you are and the people that are close around you. But go further, pinch the map so that you become a big emoji on the map.

Go close on another country, you can either click on a circle with a name or a red spot on the map, now you can watch videos from people who posted to “Our Story” in that location.

Before you have a cow, or get your kids to go ghost on the app, you don’t see the persons snapchat name, you only see the name of the location or city. Today I visited Riyadh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Cairns, South Wales, Tasmania and Paris. 

I visited Paris in my PJs. I got to see how others eat, live, celebrate and lectures I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see. You can visit any place in the world through someone else eyes.

Why would this be a bad thing? To me its not. I am not going to ban SnapChat for my children, I know that I have taught the importance of internet safety and not adding strangers to their accounts. But I think they can learn so much from this app.

Technology is not as bad as some people fear it to be. Don’t miss out on something great because of the dangers that can come into you house without the internet. Just teach your kids and you yourself to watch your surroundings whether on the web or not. Enjoy Snapping!!!!… I know my Mom was ready to download it after I showed her, but thats a lesson for another day.

This weeks review was about an App.. have other ideas for me to review? I review movies, books, music, apps, ANYTHING!!! I tell it as it is… no chaser… 


Stop Bashing Single Parents

Being a single parent is tough. What can compare to not only having to struggle with taking care of yourself, but also having several other mouths to feed? I for one am proud to be a single mother. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be in a loving marriage so that my kids could have two parents at home and some of the stress could be lifted off of me, but I am not going to wallow in my ‘shoulda-coulda-wouldas’ instead I embrace the fact that I am doing the best that I can with what I have. Does that make me bitter? No. Does that make me lash out? No. I am just aware of my situation and moving forward.
With that being said I hate to see people lash out on single parents. It always happens around Mothers Day and Fathers Day where other people blame the single parent for “having unprotected sex with the wrong person.” Come on now. How many of us have been in relationships with people and didn’t know it was going to turn out bad? EVERYONE!!! No one can say that they knew everything about a person when you start to date them. Sometimes the true person isn’t revealed until several years later. After that you both are in love, kids may have been brought in the equation and there is no longer a relationship. [Side note: Not all marriages last either, so don’t bash the ones who had kids out of wedlock. Carry on!]
Here’s where the problem lays, just because you don’t have a relationship with me, doesn’t mean you cannot have a relationship with your children. I have seen several couples break up and both parents are active in their children’s lives. The parents can’t stand each other but they are happily co-parenting to make it better for their children. Yet there are those that chose to leave their child(ren) along with the other person. (Shame on you!)
Now every situation is different. Some people may have been perfect for each other but drugs, alcohol, or life changed them. At that point they can no longer be a good member of society, let alone a good parent. Is that the other person’s fault? No!
We all need to come together and uplift each other and look for each other instead of trying to tear someone down for their mistakes in life. Who on earth has never made a mistake? Don’t worry I’ll wait. Show me someone who says they haven’t and I will show you a liar. The only way we can get better ourselves is to embrace our past and move on, that includes embracing mistakes and learning from them.
I just think its time we stop bashing single parents. They have enough to deal with that are more important that being bashed from other people. Including other single parents, or those that used to be one! With that being said. Its part of life to love who you are, and to be happy with who you are despite your situation. Don’t let negative comments stop you from being the best parent you can be. Don’t forget there are little eyes watching you!

-Love Tichelle

Why don’t you really trust him/her?

Trust – firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.

Trust is such a strong word. When you fully trust someone you are saying that you can trust them with you are. Meaning your emotions, your heart, your feelings, and your life. Trust is the backbone to commitment, but many don’t have it. How can you be in love with someone without trust? You can’t!

Lets get down to it, why don’t you fully trust the one you’re with? Did they do something to make you think they will hurt you? What is it Facebook? Instagram? Text messages?

Are you even sure its them you don’t trust? Could it possibly be that you don’t trust in general? Here’s why I ask that….

In my relationships I have never really trusted, even before they really gave me a reason. I always thought it was because I have been in some seriously jacked up relationships. I have been cheated on, lied to and manipulated, but those were not the root to my problem. Here is my problem, the very first boy that I ever had a crush on and told it tried to rape me with several friends. To make the situation worse, my “friends” were there and walked out without trying to help me. I was chastised, bullied and had to leave town because I chose to stand up about it. Have I let it go? Yes, or at least I thought I did until 20 years later it came to me that this is my REAL reason for mistrusting people. It stems from something deeper.

Now I am not saying that everyone has a deep dark demon in their past, but sometimes when things happen in your life you need to get to the root of the problem. Find out why you keep attracting players and jerks instead of trying to fix them. Sometimes the reason you are having reoccurring problems is because you have to deal with what is really going on with you. I am, slowly, one day at a time. It’s hard and my poor boo is usually the one catching all my crap along with my personal discoveries, but in order to make any relationship work you have to work on you first.

Hope this helps!!! Love Tichelle

Is Your Trust Issue Getting In The Way of Your Relationship

Have you ever looked at your S.O. (significant other) like ‘who the hell you talking to’ while they were on the phone? Or texting? What about when they are on their social media accounts? Well I have, don’t judge me. Why do we do that? Because nine times out of ten our level of trust is nothing. It took me several years to realize that I don’t trust anyone because I have been hurt. I don’t just mean hurt like I got cheated on hurt, which I have, but I have been deeply hurt. My ability to trust has been literally ripped apart and thrown out the window. So what do you do in these situations? Do you hack their accounts and check on what they are doing? NO!!!! What about go through their phone and read old text messages? Again, NO!!! Here’s what I do that keeps me from losing my mind or end up chasing someone away.
            If something is bothering you ask about it. Don’t be afraid to say, “Hey babe, who are you on the phone with?” or “Baby what are you doing?” Try to refrain from attacking or pointing fingers at them. This will cause them to get defensive and then you have an argument that steamed from nothing. Tsk tsk tsk… No judgment here, I have done that. Ok… moving on…
            Don’t automatically assume that because they are always on their phone or on social media that they are doing something disrespectful. I know for me Facebook is the only way I get to keep in touch with old friends. I’m not really a talk on the phone type person so I can easily make sure someone’s ok by simply logging in. Once again ask… Or secretly go to their page to make sure they are not up to something. Ok… bad joke… don’t really do that!!!
            Have you and your S.O. talked about boundaries and what makes you uncomfortable? How will he/she know that something makes you uncomfortable if you never discussed it? I realized that I never told my S.O. that them having conversations with an ex was uncomfortable for me. Sure we both had several friends that were exes, but this one particular chick makes my skin crawl. I don’t trust her, which in turn made me not trust my S.O. but I couldn’t get mad when I didn’t say that ahead of time. Although I still did because of the conversation, but that’s neither here nor there. (Totally different topic.) Anyways communication is very important in a lasting relationship. Express your feelings trust me that will work.
            Look at yourself, what are you doing? If you are inboxing someone inappropriately then that may be the reason that you think your S.O. is doing the same. Clear you conscience and either stop doing it or re-evaluate your relationship. What are the reasons that you are being so sneaky? Don’t jump down their throat because you are wrong. (Kind of in my feelings it seems, because I have had that done to me several time… ok let me calm down.)
Now by all means you really don’t have to do a thing because all things will eventually come to the light. Think about why you don’t trust them, have they done something in the past? Cheated on you? Lied? If they have and you said you forgave them have you? You can’t forgive them and you are still holding on to the past. It makes you full of resentment and in the end turns you bitter. Lord knows we don’t need any more bitterness in the world. I know a few that get on my nerves with it. Ugh!!!
Seriously though, if after all of this you still feel like there is something going on then it could be your intuition. If he/she is creeping, then make you decision to either drop their ass or try to work it out. No one can tell you where to go from that point, but stressing over what they are doing stops you from being able to live your life.