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Be Your Authentic Self

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This post above is the most honest blog of a writers mind. We use our platforms to speak about what we feel in our hearts and the passions that we have. We may not speak on every issue that goes on today, or every topic that someone asks of us, although, I must say I take them into consideration.

But writing is a passionate way for me to use my voice. I dedicate my voice to the encouragement of others, the empowerment of all, and unity to make a better place for generations to come. I speak about those things that bother me, those that excite me.

I have to say a good book, a great movie, a short film or documentary can definitely get my wheels turning, but today did that for me. Check out this blog, because anyone going through college without a drink is a hero for sure!!!!

If no one has told you they love you, then always remember I do ~ Tiffany


Can we get another President?

I’m so tired of this man…. are you?

Once again Trump spread false news and leads to more confusion. He first posted a tweet thanking Senator McCain for coming to vote on the repeal of Obamacare and then bashes him and other Senators for voting no. Saying they let down the American people.

No, they didn’t let down the American people, his administration is trying to let down the people. His idea was to just scratch Obamacare and not replace it with something which would leave millions without healthcare. That is not looking out for the American people.

All of this just days after reinstating the ban on transgenders from serving in any part of the military. Saying they add to the cost of medical insurance and they are a disruption. How can any human being serving and laying their life for this country be a disruption? If you ask me he is a disruption.

Where is he getting his information from? In 2016 a Rand Corp study showed that there was a minimal cost, largely because there are only 1% in the military’s 1.3 million-member force. What changed? Could it be another false new info bit he received? More than likely he listened to old biased military personnel who know nothing about being transgendered, but the top military personnel have no idea what is going on with this ban. Trump publishes policies over Twitter with no guidelines.

Trump uses bully tactics and strong criticism with offensive language. He uses provoking and demoralizing threats over twitter. He acts like he is still on the television show. His administration is chaotic and it seems like he likes it that way. Look at how the people who speak for him talk on others. Looks at the Sessions example. This man has always been loyal to Trump and he is treated and spoken about in a disrespectful manner. Why call people weak on Twitter? Why cause more confusion or is he trying to take away from the fact that he himself is weak and out of his mind thinking he can run this country.

Then he has ideas to keep traveling the country and do rallies with people who “love” him, but what about doing his job? The Republicans are starting to handle things on his own while they let him do as he pleases. What happens when those rallies have no one there? He is slowly losing his supporters while he is acting like a brat and crying about every little thing. His administration is disruptive and weak. What does this look like to other countries, especially those who are not our allies. It must look like a good time to attack.

I am truly tired of this and I cannot see how others aren’t. I think its time to consider impeachment and let someone in who will take this position seriously. Twitter is no place  for communication and the fact that his own White House Correspondence crew have no idea what he is talking about is just a mess.

*I put no pictures because I am tired of looking at his face. This are my opinions, I would love to have a debate or conversation about it. Leave comments, I am open to your opinions.

17 countries in 30 mins!

Screenshot 2017-06-27 16.43.24

This morning my mother screamed my name because the news was about to discuss Snapchats update that supposedly all parents needed to see. Sooo… of course you know my review has to be on that, the new Snapchat feature!

“Did you know that Snapchat tells where you are to people and other people can find you?” Entering her room a commercial was on. When it came back on, I waited, because the news always have to put some story on first that most people probably wouldn’t be interested in. Finally, the story came up and I was so disappointed. They were discussing a new features, that to me makes Snapchat the best social media app at the moment.

So if you have Snapchat you know that when you first get on the app its the camera. Well if you pinch the screen a map shows up. If you don’t move it only shows you where you are and the people that are close around you. But go further, pinch the map so that you become a big emoji on the map.

Go close on another country, you can either click on a circle with a name or a red spot on the map, now you can watch videos from people who posted to “Our Story” in that location.

Before you have a cow, or get your kids to go ghost on the app, you don’t see the persons snapchat name, you only see the name of the location or city. Today I visited Riyadh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Cairns, South Wales, Tasmania and Paris. 

I visited Paris in my PJs. I got to see how others eat, live, celebrate and lectures I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see. You can visit any place in the world through someone else eyes.

Why would this be a bad thing? To me its not. I am not going to ban SnapChat for my children, I know that I have taught the importance of internet safety and not adding strangers to their accounts. But I think they can learn so much from this app.

Technology is not as bad as some people fear it to be. Don’t miss out on something great because of the dangers that can come into you house without the internet. Just teach your kids and you yourself to watch your surroundings whether on the web or not. Enjoy Snapping!!!!… I know my Mom was ready to download it after I showed her, but thats a lesson for another day.

This weeks review was about an App.. have other ideas for me to review? I review movies, books, music, apps, ANYTHING!!! I tell it as it is… no chaser… 


Our Children, Are They Safe?

 Disclaimer: In no way shape or form am I condoning what police have been doing to our youth. I think it’s disgusting and it needs to stop. I am only talking from one parent to another about our responsibility of keeping our children safe. 

I know that the police killings and brutality have been a topic for a few years now, so as a journalist, my opinion is late. Yet this needs to be discussed on my blog as well. I have a different opinion that perhaps not to many people will be found of, but please just hear me out.
Everyone blames the shooters, the victims or the community where the victim was raised, but when do we as parents take a little of the responsibility? Now I know there are several instances where the parents couldn’t and shouldn’t have done a thing different, like Trayvon Martin for example (I mean the child was just walking home from the gas station, something my children do on a regular basis). But there are instances where we have to teach our children common sense, certain situations call for us to take on the battle, not them.
How do we teach our children to deal with authority? By this I mean school administrators, teachers, police officers – adults that can tell you child to do something without you being present. Can you honestly say that you tell them to be respectful? I cant. I can take responsibility and say that I have always told my children to stand up for what they believe in. To speak up and I will have their back.
Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with teaching children to stand up for themself; they very well should do that. What I am saying is that they should know how and why. If a police officer approaches your child, they should know to follow the law. These officers have guns and trigger-happy fingers lately. I want my children to stand up for themselves but I also want them to be alive. There are other ways to fight wrongful imprisonment, racial profiling and questioning your child without you being present.
No we don’t want our children to be attacked by police (like the little girl in the video in South Carolina), but in all honesty I think that situation could’ve been avoided. The teenager refused to leave class. Was her argument right? Yes! Do I blame the administrator, teacher and the police? Yes, but I think that the situation could’ve been avoided from all ends. In no way shape or form am I blaming the student, but I think this can bring up a good point for us parents to discuss with our children. If they feel they are being targeted at school, or if they feel the teacher is treating them unfairly, they need to leave the class if asked and let their parents know so they can handle it.
We need to go to battle for these children. It is up to us to let our kids know that we have their best interest at heart and that we want to see them come home every day safe and sound. So teach them to respect authority and the right way to fight. Don’t give them the ok that they can be disrespectful and get kudos for it. Think of what’s more important to you?
Now how can we do this? Attend parent teacher conferences, go to school events, volunteer. The school, administrators and teachers should know who you are and who your children are. Don’t wait until there is a problem before you go up to the school. Let them know that you are involved and want only the best for your child. Trust me the school officials like that and will work with you and your child with anything. I know its hard as parents to juggle so many things, but trust me its a lot easier when you do it this way than the alternative. ~Love Tichelle

Your first BIG argument… Can you make it past it?

You have finally met the girl/guy of your dreams, everything seems to be going amazing and you are happier than ever before. Then it happens – you have the biggest fight you ever had. Things seem different, true colors have been shown, deep thoughts and fears revealed. Now that perfect relationship that you have been bragging on has turned upside down. Neither of you are talking to one another, you’re walking past each other like you don’t exist and making slick comments under your breath. What do you do? Can you come back from this?
Many people I know will say no… Matter fact, they will say HELL NO! (A lot of my friends take no mess.) But what about if you truly love this person and know that they are the one for you. How do you turn it around so that you can get back to a healthy relationship and stop the pettiness?

First of all, stop ignoring each other and sit down and have a conversation. Truly listen to each other. Take the opportunity to get out all your fears and complaints without holding back. Getting it all out now will prevent this same argument from reoccurring.
Sometimes in this conversation you realize that the person that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with never returned the same feelings. Don’t dwell on that. Count your losses and move on. You deserve someone who will love you the same way you love them.
In other instances, you both realize that maybe this relationship was moving too fast. If this is the case, step back and take it slow. Maybe you all rushed because you saw the potential, but rushing will only ruin something that can be perfect.
All in all you need to decide for you if this person is worth getting back. Would someone that truly loves you act like you don’t exist? Would you ignore someone you truly love? Who is being childish you, them or both? Why? Is there a deeper reason behind both of your attitudes?
Maybe you all didn’t talk as much as you should have in the beginning, or maybe not about the right things. Whatever it is, once you make it through this, if your relationship is still standing, you will have made your relationship stronger. So move past it. Don’t hold on or hold grudges. (I will speak on that topic at a later date.)

~Love Tichelle

Exes can’t be friends, can they?

So you meet the person of your dreams, they treat you good, talk good and seem like they are perfect for you. Love comes quick and you, in your head, plan a future with them. Next thing you know you find out about a crazy ex whom they still communicate with. What do you do? What can you do?

There’s a saying, and I don’t know who said it, that says you can’t be friends with your ex. If you are they are probably still on love or they never were. That’s the key reason why I am not friends with any of my exes. Minus high school or childhood exes, who don’t count. I want even thinking about love back then.
So what do you do with your relationship? You have feelings now, but do you want to continue. Look at all the facts first. 

Is the ex disrespectful? If so run! If the person you are with doesn’t stop this then they never will and there is no reason to be in that stressful situation. That’s how windows become smashed, tires slashed and fights break out. They are still in love with your current and will do or say anything to tear your relationship up. I’d say move on so they can pick up their messy pieces.
How often do they talk, hangout or interact on social media? If it’s often that is a red flag. Find out why their relationship end and how long ago because it seems that there is still some lingering feelings.
Through all of this my biggest advice is to talk to your significant other before jumping to conclusions. Let them know what makes you feel uncomfortable and why. Communication helps! Let them see from your point of view your concerns.
Hoped this helped. Love Tichelle

Do You Always Have To Yell?

Relationships are hard, at least everyone I have had so far are. Communication is essential to keeping it alive and thriving, but what happens when you are both at a stand still and no one seems to be talking to anyone? Many people at this point run, they end the relationship and cut ties with the person only to feel guilty later because they really cared for that person. Try these steps:
1. Talk when you are ALONE about serious topics: Do not wait for an audience. Many people hold on to emotions and then decided that a room full of people is the best way to get a reaction out of the one they love. That is not right, or fair. When you do this you invite other people to give opinions on your relationship, which always causes conflict. Think about how many friends would love to here bad things about your relationship problems than to see you all actually work it out. What about that lurker in your group of friends that is just waiting for you all to break up? You are giving them the perfect opportunity.
2. Speak calm:When you yell or scream the other person is not listening to you. They are starting to feel like they are becoming attacked and will become defensive. Then your conversation will be lost. It doesn’t matter if you are saying have a nice day, if your tone doesn’t mean it then they will not hear it. Take deep breaths if you feel you are becoming irritated or upset and approach the conversation from a different way.
3. Pick your battles: If something is really not important to you, then don’t fight about it. Matter of fact, do you really even need to bring it up. Decide if it’s something that you can let go of. Don’t think you can let it go and then a few margaritas later you are bringing it up. Which leads me to:
4. Stay on topic: You can not get your point across about one topic if you are all over the place with another topic. Don’t bring up something that happened last week or two years ago. Talk about what is bothering you right then and there.
5. Refrain from physical violence: If you feel your temper is rising and you are getting to the point where you want to hit something or throw something, walk away. Evaluate if this person is even for you since you feel you have to get physical. Maybe you all need a break from each other permanently or maybe you need to invest in some anger management. There is never a reason to hit anyone.
6. If they walk away let them: They may need to cool off because of their temper. Don’t walk behind them pressing buttons or yell louder. Take the time yourself to get your thoughts together and calm the situation down.
Don’t wait until you are fuming mad to try and talk to your significant other. Talk to them about everything whether good or bad. The only way you will get to truly know each other is by opening up your life and letting this person in. Good luck!

Love Tichelle