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Let Me Explain….

So I realized from my post a few minutes ago, that I start a lot of my posts off with finding the perfect the person. I know that starts to sound repetitive but let me explain why my brains thinks like that.
In relationships the beginning always seems so perfect. You laugh, hold hands, kiss constantly… you really show just the perfect amount of affection and love to one another. That person seems like the one person that you have waited for your entire life.
Then BOOM!!!
All of a sudden something happens and the perfect person can become a nightmare. I find that in some of my relationships it has been because I have been so wrapped up in the good things that I ignore all the red flags. Stupid, I

know, but how many people can say that they haven’t?

In other relationships, some people didn’t show their true colors until I was so wrapped up that I was confused. I have always been a loyal person, so I try to stay and work it out until my brain finally clicks back to reality. Until I finally realize that I am wasting my time. I can’t tell you how much time I have truly wasted.
Now some of them were my fault. I have not been a perfect girlfriend in all of my relationships. I have my faults and flaws, but I am a big girl and admit when I am wrong.
I really just want people to understand that you can’t wrap yourself in a relationship and think it will be perfect. You don’t truly know a person until you have had your first argument. When you see what they are like and the words that come out their mouth when they are mad at you. That’s when you truly know who they are and what they are thinking.
But you also find out how they are when they apologize. If they apologize, admit their faults and seriously put forth an effort to change. Not change for you, but change for them – then you know that they are worth it.
There is NO perfect relationship, show me one and I will show you some serious issues. Many that portray to be perfect are hiding insecurities and many times abuse. Every relationship will have issues; you just have to know if the issues are something that you can deal with.

Holding out for the perfect relationship will have you gray-haired with a house full of cats. I’m just saying – it will never come.