Fallen Trees by Stan Finger

Robbie, a freelance writer and a bachelor with a quiet dating life has done everything to keep his heart guarded from a second broken heart. From staying away from a relationship, to closing doors before they open. He wasn’t open to love until he met up with an old friend who went through a few years of tragedy. She told him to not close his door, and his path took surprisingly twisted path.

This story is not only about his family, his career but his love life. This was a book I needed to read this year and didn’t know it. I took my time reading it, but I was sliding over for more pages after it ended. I feel in love with the characters and how Robbie went about his life. This book had no boring parts, there was so much going on that kept feeding this story life with realistic events.

The story took me a little to get into, only because life was busy for me, not because the book was boring or long winded. Every time I started reading, I remembered each character because the author really let you get to know the characters and nothing was out of character for any of them. There was strong character building, because I felt Hannah’s pain, Robbie’s confusion and Ricky’s frustrations.

Stan Fingers

Finger wrote this novel with grace. There was a genuine good guy, who never forced situations or boasted about his life. He was the type of guy that would draw women to him. He never lied about his situations, nor himself. He was hungry for his career but made time for everyone in his life. He had balance, as a writer, he was the organization that I could never be.

I cannot wait to read more from Finger. I will not spoil the book for you, because you HAVE to read it. This will be on my list of must reads at the end of the year. According to Amazon’s author bio, Finger is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a veteran journalist for the Wichita Eagle newspaper in Kansas. He has co-authored another book about a flash flood in 2003 that killed six people. He has definitely made his mark in fiction.


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