Mute R. Kelly and Others Like Him

Screenshot 2018-08-08 22.14.35Why are people still listening to the old 80’s and 90’s jams of R.Kelly? Now trust I used to be a big fan, even after I knew about the Aaliyah scandal, but I was a child and childish minded and knew no better. Not any longer. I block all his music. I refuse to let my dollars line his pockets to keep more young women in captivity.

This man is a predator. We seem to let men who are well liked, get away with sexual assault, I mean many people were backing Bill Cosby even after he was sentenced. (Yes I know that a sentence doesn’t always mean someones guilty, but yal we have to admit. Bill Cosby was guilty, just as R. Kelly is.

Then there are directors like Chris Stokes that we know abused young boys like the ones from B2K, but he is still making movies. Why? Because we are still watching. I went to watch a movie until I saw he was the director.

Screenshot 2018-08-08 22.13.47I refuse to put money in the pocket of someone who is inappropriate in their private lives. It’s like the more money we put in their pockets the more we are saying its ok. Is it? Would you trust your teenage daughter around R.Kelly? Would you let your son be alone with Chris Stokes? So why is ok to support them?

Why is it ok to support their careers when we will take down every racist white person who calls the police or spits racist words out their mouth. Why not do the same to the predators and child molesters? They are worse than the blatant racist because they pry on children and our young.

When can we start standing up against the bad in all our communities like we will the bad in others? I know we are standing up for our lives, but we have to show we respect ourselves by standing up against the ones who do wrong as well.

Screenshot 2018-08-08 22.15.27Mute R.Kelly. Mute Chris Stokes (stop acting in his movies for a check!) and mute all the men AND women who are awful people in real life. Supporting them means you support what they do, and I personally cannot rock with you.


One thought on “Mute R. Kelly and Others Like Him”

  1. Personally, I’ve given up on expecting people to stop listening to RK music because of his personal sicknesses. I REFUSE to indulge… even walked off the dance floor at a NYE 2019 celebration when his song came on. No animosity to those who didn’t. But I must stand my own ground.

    PS. I would like to note that BC is 100% guilty. Why do I say that? Because I started following the case way back in 2013. When I stumbled upon the transcripts of the deposition he did, that was all she wrote for me. HE SAID HE DID IT out of his own cocky mouth!



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