The Beloveds – Maureen Lindley

Jealousy can grow out of control if not tamed.

I despise Betty Stash! I have never hated a main character in all of my life as I do Betty Stash, she is privileged and bratty. If things do not go her way there is no length that she will not do to get it.

This book at first was a little hard to keep picking up, only because I simply wanted to slap some sense in Betty. She was vindictive against her sister Gloria. I mean yes, she was a “beloved”, you know the type of person that everything turns out ok in their life, but she was Betty’s little sister. The little sister that she regretted since the day she was born. This was more than sibling rivalry, this was pure hatred and Gloria never knew she was even a target.

Screenshot 2018-07-10 20.23.54.png

To Betty’s defense, Gloria was a head in the clouds, a well deal with it type person. No one really looked at Betty’s point of view as even being valid. She was written off, but she also pushed people away as if she didn’t need anyone.

To her, Gloria was beautiful, charming and got everything in life right. Betty, she made do with what she had. Her rages didn’t come until their mother passed and she was not given the family home. It was something she always knew she would have, but her mother left the home to her sister and her husband, who ungratefully would not cherish and take care of the home as Betty wished they did.

This book was unlike any book I have ever read before, and not one that I probably would have picked up but it shows the ugliness of someone’s mind. Just how spiteful and hatred someone could be. How alcohol and medication can make someone the worst version of themselves.

Screenshot 2018-07-10 20.24.16Maureen Lindley has made my mind into complete jelly with this novel. I don’t even know how to feel after the end of it. It was left unknown to what more Betty will do.


So honestly I had to ask myself several times what this book was about, and what the point would ever be. I don’t think I ever found it or understood. I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in the psyche of someone’s mind. The start of a snap of someone sanity. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but I thank Scribbler for introducing me to something different, something new.



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