I Finally Watched Harry Potter – I Know, I Know

Ok, so I know the last movie came out like 7 years ago, so I am SUPER late, but I am SUPER addicted. I was so addicted I did nothing for three days except watch Harry Potter and sleep. (I’m so serious, no exaggeration there.)

So everyone asks me where I have I been. Obviously under a rock. I wasn’t interested in them before. Back in those days I was not thinking about Harry Potter despite the hype, now I feel like I was missing something so amazing all a long. Why didn’t you guys tell me?

Yes I blame you all.

Sooo… I am kind of glad that I waited because HBO had all the movies on their channel so I binged watched one after another. I am sooo hooked.

Screenshot 2018-05-21 15.11.36

Now I need to go back and read the books. I wish I would’ve read them before I watched the movies, but I can’t wait to see how J.K. Rowling described Hogwarts and some of the characters.

I feel like I betrayed myself by not reading or watching. I mean I thought about it when I watched The Devil Wears Prada and Miranda was talking about her kids wanting the latest book. But then I was like for what? I honestly thought it was a childrens book, but to me it was learning and growing.

Screenshot 2018-05-21 15.09.41I know I might look to far into it, but here was this adaptation of Cinderella, a boy who wasn’t really wanted in a home he was living in, family, and had a room in a closet under the stairs. His family wanted nothing good to happen to him and felt like his parents dying was a burden on them.

Screenshot 2018-05-21 15.20.34.pngHe finds out his magical, but not only that, but famous in a whole other realm as “The Boy Who Lived”. What a title to have when you questioned your worth all along. He gained amazing friends, listened to his intuition even when others doubted him. He is the example of me minus the magical powers (hmm.. maybe). But he followed what he felt inside was the truth, no matter how many people told him he wasn’t right. Even when his friends turned their backs on them. He had a great sense of self, which is something I know I and many others struggle with.

I have to admit I was really into this, and a book that I will give you all a review on next week. But if you haven’t watched them, watch them. Its worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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