2018 – Year of Robotics

giphyI have been silent through the Kanye “crisis” and the latest trending topics, honestly I was tired of having to repeat myself and the blatant disrespect. I find that the attacks on him and his wife are unwarranted and wrong. So many of us have a difference of opinion, but when did it become ok to bash someone for thinking outside the box.

I understand what Kanye was trying to say, although I believe he worded it wrong, and honestly so many that I have seen comment on it have been saying the same thing. It seems like we have decided to take one way of thinking and make any other way unacceptable.


When did we become this way? Its like everyone is trying to look the same, be the same and live the same way. Its either a full face of makeup or none at all. If someone does something different, they are not “normal”. People either wear expensive clothes and match, or they are eclectic, there is no in between. You are either all the way Pro-Black, or you’re a Feminist, or you fight for LGBT right, not a mix, thats not “normal”. But why?

Why is being who you are unapologetically not normal? I love Kanye, because he stands up for what he believes in, regardless if I agree with him or not. I respect his opinion. Its like we don’t do that anymore.

I saw people going as far as calling his wife names, talking about his children and his mother. How is that ok? How does calling someone names or talking down on others make you a better person? To me it shows me who you really are. Kanye wants to approach 45 with love. That I agree with, because you keep your love ones close but those against you closer. If you show people that fighting fire with fire is ok, then where is the love? Where is showing people any different.

The beauty of freedom of speech, is that we have the ability to say whatever we want, but the down side is that people use that to say hurtful and hateful things. Its like all the progress we have made in the world is falling backwards. I don’t agree with that. I think that we need to be progressive and agree to disagree sometimes. But I don’t agree with bashing women, tearing real mental health awareness down, or trading people with other races.

giphy2Kanye is a strong black man, with a loving wife who supports him no matter what. He has three beautiful children, and he thinks outside the box. I support people who think different because they are innovators, they create change and they are me. I am unapologetically me.

As I write this, Childish Gambino has come out with a song, that explains pretty much what I’m saying. Check it out:

unsplash-logo浮萍 闪电


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