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Feminist Friday – Linda Rowe Thomas

I have to be honest that before Tuesday I had never heard of Romás or Ms Linda Rowe Thomas, but her cousin told me about the beautiful woman behind the designs, behind the fame. When I saw her pictures, all I could say was “She is absolutely beautiful.” You know the beautiful type that means something, not the one that is based on the outer appearance, although she has that by a long shot, but the strength and love that exudes from her pictures, there was no other way to describe it than beautiful.

I was in awe!

Screenshot 2018-03-07 22.31.23Ms Thomas, was a burn survivor (yal know I refuse to use the word victim), from a house fire as a child. She has dedicated her life to add more beautiful things in her designs but to also see the beauty that is already there in other burn survivors. She is an active philanthropist as an active member of the Junior League of Little Rock, Fine Arts Club, Burn Survivor Mentor, and Executive Director of the Designing Hope Foundation that she started to empower burn survivors through all walks of life with support of not only their physical healing but their emotional healing as well.

“The greatest gift is giving. I feel that we create a great disservice when put in the position to be mentors, leaders, and inspirations and we do not reach back to assist others. One of the most rewarding things in my life is being a mother and being able to use my love of fashion as a tool to empower someone else. Whether it be encouraging our youth, the loss of my mother to heart disease, or having friends personally affected by autism, ALS or cancer, it makes me proud to believe in and support so many wonderful organizations.”

-Linda Rowe Thomas

Screenshot 2018-03-07 22.21.14

Ms Thomas has been mentioned and her work on display at many outlets such as the BET Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, THV-11 inArkansas, The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion week, Heart & Soul Magazine and People magazine to name a few. She has become a well respected fashion designer and is well recognized among the greats. As a new “fan” of her work, I think she has so much more to offer to the world and I cannot wait to see future designs.

I of course will lay out my fav pictures from her website . But definitely go take a look for yourself, and keep an eye out for her work. She also has a Fashion Design Program that she teaches, Business Consultants, where she can touch up your gear and an internship! When I say she is a woman who does it all!!!I may have to make a few purchases myself…. Keya’s prom is coming up.

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This is part of a new segment called Feminist Friday!!! If you know someone who deserves to be put in this spot message me.


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