Love scares the shit outta you, but so does death.

Irreplaceable You… A Netflix Film

I just watched the most emotional movie of my life and tears don’t show my sorrow enough. My biggest fear in life is finding the person, my person, that I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with and then, they die. As sad as that is, it always keeps me from giving my heart fully to anyone.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 20.25.28Irreplaceable You, is about a woman who thought she was pregnant and found instead that she had stage four cancer. She was engaged to the man she fell in love with as a child. A man who had never been with anyone else but her and she was afraid to leave him alone.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 20.26.13Group after group, app after app Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) began searching for her replacement, but Sam (Michiel Huisman), her lover, didn’t want to replace her at all. This movie was emotional, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. I want love, but in order to have it, I have to give up my fear of losing it. This movie showed the simple things that will last a lifetime and how letting fear makes you miss the best parts of life and love.

Not only does this movie make you experience true love, but the fears of someone young dying and doing everything they can to not die, all while trying to prepare the one they love. I cried, I experienced a true cleansing cry from this and it made me truly ready for my person and open to be truly loved without fear.

This movie was amazing, beautiful and so worth it. The angles, the scenes, the scoring, this movie gave off every emotion that was supposed to be given off. When you watch, keep watching after the credits, the best part of love is then. Good job Netflix, Stephanie Laing and Bess Wohl. You achieved exactly what you set out to do.


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