Daily Prompt: Insist

She listened as she heard the whispers on her voicemail. She couldn’t make out all the voices, but she did make out the voice of her lover, he was with someone else. She couldn’t make out the words but she heard the flirtatious giggles and moans of sex. He was cheating on her and her voicemail recorded it. His phone must’ve been in his pocket.

By now he must have known she heard it, because he was no where in sight. Normally home before too late, it was morning and he had let the sun beat him home. She put the phone down after the twentieth time of listening to it and began to do her normal stress routine. She cleaned. She cleaned until the floor glistened and the walls looked freshly painted.

Then, she heard the keys. He was home. She stood in the kitchen by the island waiting on him to come look for her, for him to spill his lies at her feet to pick apart, for her to walk away. She could his footsteps approach her but she was frozen in place. She wanted to look busy, but her body was defying her and waiting for him patiently.

“Hi honey, sorry I’m just getting home, I was out late with the guys and got too drunk to drive home.” Silence, her throat was stuck on the first part of the lie. “We got so drunk and laughed so hard, I couldn’t help but pass out on his couch. I can’t seem to find my phone though, it had to have fallen out somewhere while we were driving around.” She still stayed quiet since he insist on lying.

He looked at her to see if she was buying his words, she pulled out her phone, clicked it open and opened the shared find me app, and pulled up his phones whereabouts. She sat her phone on the counter so he could see and walked to the bedroom and came out with suitcases. Sat them by his feet.

If he is to cheat, he is to leave. Her mother always told her to remember that. She was financially stable and since he insist she put the house in her name, then there was no more conversation to be had. She pulled her key off his ring and opened the door, ignoring his failed attempt to drop a tear. She was finally done.

via Daily Prompt: Insist


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