Review!!!: OITNB – Disappointing and yet Addicting…

Review - Wooden 3d rendered letters/message

Orange Is The New Black I was a little thrown off!!!

I have been a loyal follower and avid watcher of Orange is the new Black since season one. I have been the one waiting for June to hit every year to watch the new season. I mean because it was raw, it was real and it made you feel sorry for the inmates at Lynchfield.

But let me spoil it for all of you who haven’t watched season 5, or better yet spare you. Its a complete waste of time. Seeing Diaz pick up the gun and about to shot the guard at the end of the last season made everyone on the edge of their seats… was she going to shoot him? Would she hand the gun to someone else? Or would she grab some common sense and put the damn gun down?

The season opener started with that.. and she shot him. She didn’t kill him, someone else really did that, but she takes the blame for shooting him to get demands met. Oh yeah, the inmates take over, and Piscatelli, who’s story we learn, goes on a murder rampage trying to kill a few of the inmates.


First of all, this prison hold up, or hostage situation, would never go on this long. Besides the fact that one of the guards, a diabetic, has no medicine and hardly any food. He should’ve gone into a comma about 10 shows ago.

Yeah I didn’t finish it. I’m on episode 12 and I don’t understand what in the world is going on. Its like the writers were lost and went with this idea and totally ruined it. This reminds me of the season of Scandal when Olivia got kidnapped and a lot of the viewers walked away because it got weird. For some reason season 5 is the season that will make or break a show and season 6 will determine if they will get cancelled or not.

I can’t say how disappointed I am in, but I keep watching because I seriously got to know how this is going to end. I mean after 12 shows, the hostage situation doesn’t seem close to resolving and I cannot tell you how this will possibly end where I will want to watch next season.

Sorry Jenji, but you really should fired the set of writers for this season and bring in some new ones. Its like its lost all of Pipers original meaning. Perhaps get her back as a writer. I’m always willing to share some ideas on how it can be fixed.

Update: So I finished the episode (before publishing) and I am floored. I thought there was no way they could bring me back in next season, but boy was I wrong. I know one thing, if next season isn’t back on track with being a little more realistic I will have to throw up the deuces and find another show to hold me in binge watching. I still recommend a new set of writers.

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