Bullying is not OK…. Nor is being the victim.

When I was a kid, bullying included name calling, a bit of pushing and insults. Mama jokes were probably peoples best they can do, but in the age of technology bullying is worse than it has ever been before. These kids have it way worse than we ever did. 

In today’s day and age, its all about who can get the most likes, being trending or becoming a new internet comedian. It’s gotten to the point that it doesn’t matter at who’s expense. See when we were a kid when you had a bully, going home was your safe haven. You would go home sleep on it and nine times out of ten be ready with fresh come backs for the next day. I mean there were kids who had it bad and were bullied in their neighborhoods and all. But yet and still, home was always a bully-free zone. 

Today the internet has taken over and bullies have a way to access you in your home, in your private space. It’s called Social Media… now let me break down the meaning of social media for those of you that are not so sure. There is SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless other internet social sites that many people come to socialize or stunt for their followers. Check out the hashtag #BowWowChallenge by the way, its hilarious… but so off topic. 

See these bullies, take the internet and tag, add pictures or make up stuff about kids they don’t like. Making something as horrible as bullying viral. For example, there is a girl going viral right now and she has a birth defect that she has had several surgeries to correct. A certain comedian started pictures of her and shared a video talking about someone and now they have a song for her. “Little Ugly Girl Think She’s The Shit!” She is embracing the celebrity status of it now, but at first she was heartbroken. People were talking about her and her children in a negative way. 

See the thing about bullies is more than likely the things they pick on others about it the very things they are insecure about in themselves. Pointing fingers at others makes them feel like people aren’t looking at their flaws, when in reality they are. My mother always told me that pointing one finger at someone leaves three more pointing back at you. (Try it… its totally true) 

Now with the new found internet celebrity status and everyone wanting to be rich, people will take someone else’s name and ruin their lives and not care. Unfortunately with the new administration it looks as if bullying pays off. Look at 45 (the President.. the Donald…) , he won his presidency through bullying and disrespectful manners. Now its like all we taught our children about bullying is not valid. They see that being a bully gets you places, but it doesn’t. No one respects this man. People put hope in his false methods and now they are seeing the consequences of that. 

Children, teenager, people are literally taking their lives because of social media posts. SO many people have so many negative comments about some of the simplest things. I saw someone taking a picture of a boy holding a dog and people were saying the dog didn’t want to be held. How he was harming the dog or even worse some inappropriate comments towards the relationship of the boy and the dog. Why? What is the point of making such hurtful and disgusting comments? Does it really make anyone feel better? 

Bullying is a problem, that unfortunately will never go anywhere. But we as parents and role models need to teach our children how to handle unwarranted comments and how to ignore those who’s opinions are not helpful to them. I personally have to do that with my own child. My child has been bullied and took it internally. She didn’t share until she was carving her pain into her arm. I found out and now I am getting the help my child needs but I feel like meanwhile the bully, who destroyed how she is, and took away her pure heart is going along with his days as nothing happened. Nope.. that’s probably what he thought, but I am pressing charges. I want him to get help so that he knows that his behavior is not ok. 

But in the meanwhile I am going to build my baby up and let her know how amazing she is and how negative words are not always about her. I have to help make her realize that she is better than the words that were said about her. I cannot let her be a victim. I will not let her be a victim. She may have a setback, which is normal for this age but I am willing to help push her through. 


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