Mistakes Lead to Greatness

“A person who never made mistakes, never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein 
Someone is always judging you no matter what you do in life. Part of being great is taking risks. How will you know if something will work if you don’t make a few mistakes along the way? Do you know how many tries it took to get the right ingredients for a light bulb? It took Thomas Edison 3,000 attempts to invent the lightbulb. 3,000 attempts!!! I’m sure someone along the way told him to give up, or told him that he needed to do something different. Where would we be if he would’ve listened? In the dark! 
My point is giving up should never be an option, no matter what people say. You have to follow your heart and do what you feel to do. Otherwise you will always wonder what if and resent the ones around you who discouraged you from doing what you felt. 
Whose to say your dreams may encourage someone else. Maybe your mistakes will turn out to be something great. Did you know that potato chips, x-Ray images, plastic, matches and coca-cola (to name a few) were mistakes. Each of the inventors were trying to create something different but came up with something else great. 
So don’t fret when someone talks down on you. Let them talk, cause if they’re talking you must be doing something right. Besides think about it, if they are so busy talking about you they can’t follow their own dreams, which leaves more room for you. Also the same people talking down on you, will be the same ones with their hand out or looking for recognition when you succeed. Ignore them because misery loves company. 
               ~ Love Tichelle 💋


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