Loving the Undeserving

Love is never easy, no matter who you are or who you give your heart to. There is always that moment when you wonder if the person you love is truly deserving of you. Do you deserve them?

I personally have always looked at relationships on television and admired them for how they work out problems. Or how one person is strong enough to walk away from a failing relationship. Never once while watching do I ever realize how fake it is. Every problem will not always work itself out. Every issue will not be resolved nor will every lie be revealed.
What do you do? With social media being at an all time high, how do you prevent from being made into a fool on social media? How do you stand with your head high and believe that your love is better than any other love? How can you know that yours is different?
You don’t!
Yup I said it. There is nothing out there that can guarantee that your heart will not get stepped on, broken and destroyed. You may get lied to by the very person who lays besides you every night. They may be cuddled up with you while texting or inboxing an ex. But it’s not what they do that effects your heart. Its what YOU DO that does.
Should you be subtle and let it be known that you know what’s going on? Or should you act a fool? What will either prove? You know what you can deal with and you know when you should walk away. Just don’t stay too long where you end up with baggage.
Know what you deserve and don’t continue to give your heart to someone who isn’t deserving. ~lovetichelle

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