Heartbreak Hurts – but you can heal!

Heartbreak hurts!!! When someone you love just up and tells you they don’t love you and they hate you. It’s like your whole world comes crashing down. You grab your phone several times to contact them, but in the end save yourself the embarrassment. You try to be strong, but the pain in your heart is real. And moving on is hard… What do you do? How do you make it to the next phase of your life without crying everyday?


You can’t ignore every emotion running through your body. You have to grasp them and express them outwardly somehow. If you feel like crying – cry! Feel like screaming – scream! If you hold it in, it will take that much longer to heal, causing you never to truly move on. This is one of the reason so many of us have baggage when we move to the next relationship, because we never truly healed from the last one. 

Some of us have several heartaches topped on each other, which causes insecurities, anger and trust issues. Give your time to heal… Don’t be quick to rush into the next one either. You have to be completely comfortable with you before you can become comfortable with the next. – Love Tichelle 💋

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