Your first BIG argument… Can you make it past it?

You have finally met the girl/guy of your dreams, everything seems to be going amazing and you are happier than ever before. Then it happens – you have the biggest fight you ever had. Things seem different, true colors have been shown, deep thoughts and fears revealed. Now that perfect relationship that you have been bragging on has turned upside down. Neither of you are talking to one another, you’re walking past each other like you don’t exist and making slick comments under your breath. What do you do? Can you come back from this?
Many people I know will say no… Matter fact, they will say HELL NO! (A lot of my friends take no mess.) But what about if you truly love this person and know that they are the one for you. How do you turn it around so that you can get back to a healthy relationship and stop the pettiness?

First of all, stop ignoring each other and sit down and have a conversation. Truly listen to each other. Take the opportunity to get out all your fears and complaints without holding back. Getting it all out now will prevent this same argument from reoccurring.
Sometimes in this conversation you realize that the person that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with never returned the same feelings. Don’t dwell on that. Count your losses and move on. You deserve someone who will love you the same way you love them.
In other instances, you both realize that maybe this relationship was moving too fast. If this is the case, step back and take it slow. Maybe you all rushed because you saw the potential, but rushing will only ruin something that can be perfect.
All in all you need to decide for you if this person is worth getting back. Would someone that truly loves you act like you don’t exist? Would you ignore someone you truly love? Who is being childish you, them or both? Why? Is there a deeper reason behind both of your attitudes?
Maybe you all didn’t talk as much as you should have in the beginning, or maybe not about the right things. Whatever it is, once you make it through this, if your relationship is still standing, you will have made your relationship stronger. So move past it. Don’t hold on or hold grudges. (I will speak on that topic at a later date.)

~Love Tichelle


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