Exes can’t be friends, can they?

So you meet the person of your dreams, they treat you good, talk good and seem like they are perfect for you. Love comes quick and you, in your head, plan a future with them. Next thing you know you find out about a crazy ex whom they still communicate with. What do you do? What can you do?

There’s a saying, and I don’t know who said it, that says you can’t be friends with your ex. If you are they are probably still on love or they never were. That’s the key reason why I am not friends with any of my exes. Minus high school or childhood exes, who don’t count. I want even thinking about love back then.
So what do you do with your relationship? You have feelings now, but do you want to continue. Look at all the facts first. 

Is the ex disrespectful? If so run! If the person you are with doesn’t stop this then they never will and there is no reason to be in that stressful situation. That’s how windows become smashed, tires slashed and fights break out. They are still in love with your current and will do or say anything to tear your relationship up. I’d say move on so they can pick up their messy pieces.
How often do they talk, hangout or interact on social media? If it’s often that is a red flag. Find out why their relationship end and how long ago because it seems that there is still some lingering feelings.
Through all of this my biggest advice is to talk to your significant other before jumping to conclusions. Let them know what makes you feel uncomfortable and why. Communication helps! Let them see from your point of view your concerns.
Hoped this helped. Love Tichelle

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